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the branch of medical science that studies and applies anesthetics

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Background and Current State of Anesthesiology Mobile Applications
Robert Crone, Vice Dean for Clinical & Faculty Affairs, Professor of Clinical Pediatrics and Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology at WCM-Q, and Prof.
How does pediatric anesthesiology differ from other subspecialties?
The two sides also agreed about the training of the Kyrgyz doctors in pediatric anesthesiology and hematology clinics in Turkey.
Since 2009, Nenkov has been a donor coordinator and Acting Head of the Department of anesthesiology, emergency medicine and intensive therapy at the Military Medical Academy in Sofia.
Rivera-Melendez has joined the organization's department of anesthesiology and is practicing at the University and Hahnemann campuses in Worcester, as well as at Marlboro Hospital.
Edmond Bloch has passed away in Durham, North Carolina, where he had held professorships at Duke University in Anesthesiology and in Pediatrics.
This small book is the first of three in the International Anesthesiology Clinics series covering the field of regional anaesthesia.
Each essay reports on current approaches and understanding of its topic, drawing from the fields of psychology and philosophy as well as biology and anesthesiology, thus delivering an overview that will be of interest to non-specialists as well as specialists.
The Use of Hypnosis in Surgery and Anesthesiology: Psychological Preparation of the Surgical Patient.
Though most agree that anesthesiology information management systems (AIMS) are one way to address these issues, the rate of adoption is notoriously low.
The article appears in the January issue of Anesthesiology, the journal of the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA).
Most responders (74%) had their primary training in anesthesiology; others were trained in physiatry (15.4%), neurology (5.3%), psychiatry (3.0%), or other areas (10.9%).
Medical students are saying that the "R.O.A.D" to happiness lies in radiology, ophthalmology, anesthesiology, and dermatology, all of which make modest demands on the physician's time.