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The researchers found that adjusted mortality for care teams with anesthesiologist assistants was 1.6 percent, compared to 1.7 percent for care teams with nurse anesthetists (P = 0.47).
HB 0054 ANESTHESIOLOGY Nora Espinoza ASSISTANT DEFINITIONS HB 54 would amend the Anesthesiologist Assistant Act (Sections 61-6-10.2 NMSA 1978) by removing the current language, definition of anesthesiology assistants and that Anesthesiologist assistants may practice only if they are employed by the University of New Mexico.
Senate Bill (SB) 383 addresses the licensure of a new category of health care provider, the Anesthesiologist Assistant. WNA testified for "information only" at the two public hearings regarding the bill that focused on improving public protection.
(20) This provider mix assumes there is an anesthesiologist directing a CRNA, resident physician, or anesthesiologist assistant (PA) during the care of relatively healthy patients.
Advanced practice registered nurses, anesthesiologist assistants, and physician assistants.