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a specialist who administers an anesthetic to a patient before he is treated

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At trial, the attorneys for the obstetrician and the anesthesiology resident distanced themselves from the attending anesthesiologist, who denied receiving the first two pages, denied ignoring pages, and contended that he was in the operating room before the mother was brought there.
In reviewing its claims, Aetna found that use of an anesthesiologist varied from a high of 70% of procedures in New York to as low as 6% in Maine.
Nevertheless, after an eight-day trial ending in a jury verdict in favor of our anesthesiologist client, we believe there is still room for a dose of skepticism about these claims.
All they understand is they don't want to know anything that's going on during surgery," said Ray Borkowski, M.D., a Cleveland Clinic anesthesiologist. "A lot of times they say, 'I don't care.' My feeling is you ought to care."
Although John Doe is not an anesthesiologist, he monitors the anesthetic depth of an inmate by observing the inmate's facial expression.
Ware was not the anesthesiologist originally assigned to the case.
The old practice of having your initial meeting with your anesthesiologist right at the door to the operating theatre is changing.
KARACHI -- The management of Sobhraj Maternity Hospital run by Karachi Metropolitan Corporation(KMC) is urgently requires anesthesiologists to run OT services round-the clock effectively and smoothly.
In this work, researchers classified facilities into three anesthesia staffing models based on the anesthesia modifier codes billed on anesthesiology claims for surgeries performed at the facility: predominantly anesthesiologist, predominantly CRNA, or team.
The plaintiffs brought claims against the anesthesiologist, the eye surgeon, the surgical center, and the agency that supplied the contracted anesthesiologist to the surgical center.
The researchers found that adjusted mortality for care teams with anesthesiologist assistants was 1.6 percent, compared to 1.7 percent for care teams with nurse anesthetists (P = 0.47).
All patients should have a named and documented supervisory anesthesiologist who has overall responsibility for the care of the patient.
Responsibility of providing safety of the patient and the procedure, coping with challenging medical conditions, demanding interpersonal relationships with peers and other stuff, work overload, restriction of social interactions, medicolegal concerns, and time constraints are the major stressor factors of an anesthesiologist. [2-4] According to the results of a survey published from India, 81% of anesthesiologists rated their level of stress as moderate to high.
On the other side for an anesthesiologist leaving the trusted environment of the operating theatre can be a threatening experience or can provoke uncertainty.