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reduction or lack of an immune response to a specific antigen

inactivity and lack of energy

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All TST-negative adult subjects prior to ART were anergic, a reflection of poor immunity rather than identification of a group without prior TB infection.
However, the latter cells are thought to be anergic which might play a role in the persistence and progression of HPV induced lesions (39).
Recent studies suggest the ELISA serological tests are often negative for scrub typhus for up to 30 days following symptoms, as patients may be anergic and not produce antibodies during the early stages of scrub typhus.
It is an anergic variant of localized CL in which lesions are disseminated, resembling lepromatous leprosy.
During my medical residency nearly 30 years ago, while my team was discussing an elderly anergic patient, I mentioned a study I had seen indicating that topical application of zinc can reverse anergy.
This includes very early onset or leaden, anergic episodes more characteristic of bipolar depression.
19) Immune patients naturally showed the strongest reaction, although anergic or previously nonresponsive patients with disseminated coccidioidomycosis also showed increases in lymphocytes after exposure to the dendritic cells.
Reducing, rather than increasing, the SSRI should be considered in this situation since anergic, amotivational symptoms may be related to dopaminergic downregulation in the frontal lobe, Dr.
The patient was anergic to purified protein derivative.
There's] also the potential for those cells to become what we call anergic.
This description of the depressed, anergic CMP client as the exemplar of non-compliance is not consistent with our experience.
Importantly, the function of CTL is restored when anergic T cells are incubated with Galectin-3 inhibitors such as the disaccharide N-acetyllactosamine.
bacteremic patients could be anergic and might not produce a detectable IFA response, or alternatively, the substantial antigenic variation among various Bartonella strains might result in false-negative IFA assay results for some patients.
Several species of this parasite are human pathogens, and are responsible for one of three clinical forms of the disease, visceral, cutaneous, and mucosal, Leishmania amazonensis causes cutaneous leishmaniasis, which in anergic patients may lead to diffuse leishmaniasis (Desjeux 2004).