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characterized by partial or total absence of a brain

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Anencephalic clones meet the definition of 'human being', and if surgeons 'kill' them during a full-body transplant, which depends on--
Among the neural tube defects 9 (42.86%) patients had anencephalic fetus followed by 6 (28.57%) hydrocephalus fetuses reflecting the fact that the prevalence of anencephaly was higher as compared to other abnormalities.
They were fully informed and aware of complications that may be a consequence of having an anencephalic baby such as polyhydramnios, prolonged pregnancy and stillbirth, but they did not want to discuss a plan for a funeral for their baby.
And now I'd like to touch on the very disturbing story of Beatriz, a twenty-two-year-old E1 Salvadorian woman suffering from lupus, serious hypertension, and very serious kidney disease while also pregnant with an anencephalic fetus.
Receiving a special honor was a couple Francis met on Saturday after Mass at Rio's cathedral; they had brought him their anencephalic baby daughter to be blessed.
In countries with prenatal screening and liberal abortion laws, anencephaly has become very rare, because almost all women who are told that they are carrying an anencephalic fetus choose to terminate the pregnancy.
The frequency of anencephalic birth is being gradually decreasing with the widespread use of prenatal USG and maternal serum screenings (3).
Similarly, with the de-penalization of pregnancy termination in cases of anencephalic fetuses in Brazil and abortion under certain conditions in Colombia, the high courts have granted greater protection to reproductive freedom and women's right to health than to the protections of the right to life of the nasciturus.
anencephalic fetus, in spite of the fact that Peruvian abortion law
The mother was at increased risk of premature delivery because she had given birth to an anencephalic infant a year earlier.
The Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs of the American Medical Association ("Council") has also concluded that it is morally acceptable to allow an anencephalic neonate to be an organ donor, despite not meeting the legal definition of death under the UDDA.
The bishops said that "anencephalic babies, like all innocent and fragile human beings, cannot be thrown away or stripped of their fundamental rights;" and that "the state and society must defend and protect the unborn." ('Pro-life leaders join Brazil's bishops in denouncing Supreme Court's legalization of abortion',, April 18, 2012)
The document, signed by conference president Cardinal Raymundo Damasceno Assis of Aparecida, said, "To legalize the abortion of anencephalic fetuses--erroneously diagnosed as brain-dead fetuses--is to discard a fragile and innocent being.
After initial excitement and anticipation of two babies, she then learned one of the twins was anencephalic. The incidence of anencephaly is 1 in 1000 pregnancies in the United States (Gold, 2007).
Nearly nine in 10 (88%) said that they approved of medication abortion in cases of anembryonic pregnancy or of fetal death before 20 weeks' gestation, while smaller proportions (63-65%) approved of this option before 20 weeks' gestation if the fetus had multiple severe anomalies or was anencephalic (missing a major part of the brain).