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of flowering plants (especially grasses etc) that are pollinated by the wind

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The similarities of entomophilous cycad pollen traits with that of anemophilous gymnosperms suggest that cycad pollen is robust, and well adapted to cope with detrimental environmental conditions.
In seasonal allergic rhinitis, it might be due to more pronounced allergic properties of anemophilous plant pollen.
Enormous number of pollen grains, 624 millions/plant, are produced which are anemophilous, that is, wind pollinated.
Pollen spectrum is consisted of the pollen brought by bees and the anemophilous pollen added to the resin.
Functional trait Functional traits and values type Photosynthesis pathway 1 Crassulacean pathway, 2 C3 pathway, 3 between C3 and C4 pathway, and 4 C4 pathway Nitrogen fixing 0 No nitrogen fixing, 1 Elaeagnaceae nitrogen fixing, and 2 Leguminosae nitrogen fixing Seed dispersal 1 Automatic spreading, 2 gravity spreading, 3 wind spreading, and 4 animals spreading Pollination method 1 Anemophilous, 2 entomophilous Life form 1 Tree, 2 shrubs, 3 woody vine, 4 perennial herb, 5 biennial herb, and 6 annual herb Leaf form 1 Coniferous, 2 Broad leaf Plant height Measured value in cm Flowering date Beginning month of flowering Flowering period Flowering months TABLE 2: SOFM functional diversity values for 25 quadrats of Phellodendron amurense communities.
Several studies have proved that pollens especially those are anemophilous cause allergy [11].
The possible role of insect visits in pollination of reputedly anemophilous plants, exemplified by Plantago lanceolata, and syrphid flies.
Fungic microbiota of normal conjunctiva, sugar-cane and anemophilous fungi of the region of Monte Belo - Minas Gerais.
These are deciduous trees up to 35 meters high with anemophilous pollination and high pollen production, estimated at 13x[10.sup.6] pollen grains per inflorescence (Tormo et al.
Maize is an open pollinating, anemophilous crop that produces abundant pollen.