anemone fish

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The official publication of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors described the island as replete with a continuous chain of underwater life with hard and soft corals attracting reef fish like snappers, surgeonfish, damselfish, parrotfish, anemone fish and wrasse, which in turn invite large species like barracuda, tuna, white tip and blacktip, turtles and manta rays.
"Our work with anemone fish shows that their babies, at least, can adjust to the changes we expect to occur in the oceans by 2100, provided their parents are also raised in more acidic water," Dr Miller noted.
Anemone fish exposed to elevated carbon dioxide levels and warmer water died at a higher rate and grew at a slower pace.
You can visit the bottom of the ocean at the London Aquarium where you'll see over 350 species of underwater life, including the Clown Anemone Fish, just like Nemo!
Three strategies are observed: protogynous (female-to-male, common amongst coral reef fishes such as groupers, parrotfishes and wrasses); protandrous (male-to-female, as in anemone fishes); and sequentially bidirectional sex change (sex change in either direction, common in gobies).