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pertaining to the measurement of wind speed and direction

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Comparison of anemometric measurements to C-band dual-Doppler data synthesis during heavy convection expose the suspected influence of weather structures aloft on the surface wind structure, questioning how well "straight-line wind" (stationary, neutral) boundary layer profiles can serve as targets for similitude for computational and experimental modeling of surface winds (e.g., Masters et al.
Anemometric records obtained at the Aransas County Airport in Fulton.
Lima and Filho [29, 30] have also demonstrated the existence of seasonality in wind speeds with data obtained from two anemometric towers, located in the central NEB region (semiarid) (Triumfo: 07050'17"S, 38006'06"W and Sao Joao do Cairi: 07022'54"S, 36031'38" W), with maximum values in the months of July to November and minimums in March and April.
The pitot tubes, or anemometric sensors, are a key component of speed monitoring on the Airbus.
In order to make the best decision concerning the place where a SWT can be installed in the urban area and the height at which the rotor can be installed without too high costs, we suggest in this paper that the measurements of the wind's speed, its direction, density and height measured by installing an anemometric pole should be replaced with a balloon filled with helium, which moves the measurement sensors in different vertical and horizontal locations.
Both the old and new anemometric sensors used on AF's A330/A340s and A320s are made by Thales Group.
Study of autonomous mobile sensing system for localization of odor source using gas sensors and anemometric sensors.