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a gauge for recording the speed and direction of wind

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In many cases, the purpose of the research conducted throughout the twentieth century involved studying certain characteristics of anemometer performance to obtain experimental data in order to develop mathematical models.
In most cases, they find that the balancer is attempting to determine the air quantities and has a hot wire anemometer of some sort.
A Doppler on Wheels (DOW) mobile radar and several anemometers were deployed at the Texas coast near the point of landfall of Hurricane Harvey in late August 2017.
An older iPhone, an iPad or an Android device is better matched because the anemometer plugs directly into the 3.5-mm jack, while an attachment clip secures it upright.
The data used in this work consists primarily of wind speed averages at different heights within and above the forest canopy at each experimental site, made by sonic (two- and three-dimensional) and cup (specification of each instrument is listed in Table 1) anemometers.
The presented plasma anemometer has been improved greatly in many aspects; it can not only operate continually in standard atmospheric air but also greatly decrease the realization costs of the system.
Generally, to measure a large range of flow rates, a multi-nozzle-type flowmeter that conforms to ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 51 (1999) standards can be used or the volumetric flow can be calculated by averaging the velocities measured at several points with velocity measurement devices such as a pitot tube or an anemometer at the discharge port.
Gill Instruments' WindObserverIS intrinsically safe ultrasonic anemometer is now certified by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for use in explosive atmospheres.
The statement says a suspected lightning strike in January knocked out the anemometer system on the bridge.
Designed by Jeff Kennedy Associates of Somerville, Mass., the museum will feature a user-controlled flat-panel display showing "clear day'' views from the summit in all seasons; an interactive Snowcat simulator; and a recreation of the 1930s observatory, including the anemometer used to record the famous 231-mph wind.
"He designed the helicopter and many other machines such as the eccentric cam, the worm screw, the hygrometer, the oil press, the anemometer, the rolling mill, the flywheel, the jack or the toothed rack, the ball bearings amongst others," he said.
In October, VRCS installed an anemometer to measure wind speed along with the software and hookups to feed live data from the solar panels, wind turbine, and anemometer to a publicly accessible website on the Internet.
* Repowering of wind farm including construction and operation of nine wind turbines (up to 115 metres to blade tip), construction of access tracks, crane hardstanding, temporary construction compound, underground cabling to network, new control building with substation and anemometer, to replace 23 wind turbines, substation, control building and anemometer masts.