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a gauge for recording the speed and direction of wind

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Tenders Are Invited for System for lda - laser doppler anemometers.
Generally, to measure a large range of flow rates, a multi-nozzle-type flowmeter that conforms to ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 51 (1999) standards can be used or the volumetric flow can be calculated by averaging the velocities measured at several points with velocity measurement devices such as a pitot tube or an anemometer at the discharge port.
The required use of a track-side anemometer during coast-down tests, following recommended practice SAE J1263 (4) [3], was only aimed at determining whether the mean wind speed was below the admissible limit of 16 km/h but this anemometric data was not utilized in the analysis.
The Welsh Government said that, days after the anemometer system was knocked out by a suspected lightning strike on January 25, a temporary system was installed near the bridge.
My advice, which I have presented at a number of NEBB sessions in the past couple of years, is to compare the VAV box sensor reading to the carefully aligned anemometer sensor readings from all the diffusers attached to that VAV terminal and then determine an "effective" [A.
In October, VRCS installed an anemometer to measure wind speed along with the software and hookups to feed live data from the solar panels, wind turbine, and anemometer to a publicly accessible website on the Internet.
A sensitive anemometer, the Turbo Meter, measures air velocity.
Repowering of wind farm including construction and operation of nine wind turbines (up to 115 metres to blade tip), construction of access tracks, crane hardstanding, temporary construction compound, underground cabling to network, new control building with substation and anemometer, to replace 23 wind turbines, substation, control building and anemometer masts.
All wind sensors should be absolutely vertical and even slight deviation can lead to skewed wind to strike the anemometer.
announces the availability of breezeSONIC[TM] - the world's first self-powered alarm anemometer.
Members of the planning committee were on a visit close to Llanddona, Anglesey yesterday where an anemometer to measure wind speeds is proposed to be sited.
Wind speed can be measured with an instrument called an anemometer.
Just stick the self-adhesive base to the shrinkwrap's surface, and the vent's blades, coupled with anemometer cups, circulate 30 cubic feet of air per hour with a 10 mph breeze present.