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Iron deficiency anemia is the most prevalent nutritional deficiency and a significant public health issue affecting fertile age women world wide.
Anemia is a common finding in people with type 2 diabetes, but the impact long-term metformin use on anemia hasn't been studied." Medical associates obtained detailed information on metformin prescribing and hematology measures from electronic patient medical records from the Genetics of Diabetes Audit and Research in Tayside and Scotland (GoDARTS) cohort, based in Scotland.
Prevalence of Anemia among Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Care at Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital, Addis Ababa Ethiopia.
Study design, settings and duration: The retrospective study was done to investigate iron deficiency anemia among pregnant females visiting a tertiary care hospital in Islamabad from May 2006 to April 2009.
Anemia refers to a shortage in the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood either because of a diminished number of red blood cells (i.e., the oxygen-carrying cells in blood), or the red blood cells have low content of hemoglobin (i.e., the substance in the red blood cells that bind oxygen).
Donnelly, a postdoctoral research assistant at the University of Dundee (Scotland), explained why they looked at the use of metformin and anemia risk in people with type 2 diabetes.
The team does not think the anemia is related to [B.sub.12] deficiency, however, as people who developed anemia while taking metformin were more likely to develop microcytic (12% vs.
Anemia in the 1st and 3rd trimester of pregnancy was defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 1989 as hemoglobin (Hb) or hemotocrit less than 11 g/dL or 33%, respectively, and when the level of Hb or hemotocrit is less than 10.5 g/dL or 32%, respectively, in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy (1).
Not everyone knows what anemia is, and many are very oblivious to the signs and symptoms that indicate the deficiency of iron in the body.
There are many types of anemia. The most common type is iron deficiency anemia.
Anemia is one of the most common medical problem affecting pregnant women.
Summary: The report features unique and salient factors that may have a huge impact on the development of the anemia treatment market during the forecast period.
KEYWORDS: Anemia, Hodgkin lymphoma, Non Hodgkin lymphoma.
Iron deficiency anemia is the most common form of anemia all over the world.