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used of a single unit or thing


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We thank Francisco Javier Ponce Isguerra for the elaboration of Ensenada map and Anely FernandezRobledo, Norberto Flores-Acevedo and Fernando Marquez-Rodriguez that helped collect the samples of water.
Stephanie Addison; Hayley Ann Ainsley; Paul Douglas Arbon; Adam Bainbridge; Robyn Bennett; Louise Victoria Charlton; Brenda Collin; Alice Dasey; Rebecca Louise Fielden; Theresa Forrest; Katie Sarah Gilmore; Natasha Harding; Janice Ann Hindhaugh; Enid Rebecca Hobson; Linda Hughes; Hannah Victoria Humphreys; Carly Jameson; Hayley Johnson; Lucy Fiona Elizabeth Jones; Pemma Christine Lupton; Tammy Anely Marriott; Heather McLeod; Ryan Metcalfe; Natalie Newton; Sammy-Jo Noble; Stuart James Norton; Ashleigh Faye Porter; Marie Potts; Victoria Preston; Shannon Gabrielle Robbie; Donna Samantha Robson; Rebecca Smith; Christina Turney; Esther Uden; Ashlea Laura Walker; Harriet Lois Rose Walton; Stephanie Donna Wigham.
Right Column 260 [Pat mykil scha]me ye did and velany At none of ye day yu cred, hely And [3] hel did ye gast to yi fader all myghty yus yu died to make vs fre ffra ye gret thraldom yat in war we 265 Bot mykil payne and mykil reproue yu tholed befor ye ded for oure lufe And noght forto by vs agayne anely ffor whi yi ded mot suffice vs all forto by Bot for we suld yerby ensaumple take 270 to be pacient in angers for yi sake And for ye thole all hard es yat Als yu tholed for vs thurght yi gudnes Elles thurt ye haf tholed nane oyer payn Bot ye ded anely forto by vs agayn 275 ...