anechoic chamber

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a chamber having very little reverberation

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(5) Anechoic chamber conditions: A non-reflective environment that is designed to be free from echoes.
This is typically measured in an anechoic chamber at an expensive test lab.
Anechoic chambers are also used to check a product's sound quality, or how pleasing it sounds to people's ears.
The performance of an anechoic chamber depends on its size and shape [26], but the performance of an absorber can be determined by measuring its reflectivity, R = 20 log [absolute value of ([GAMMA])], in dB.
In [25], UWB off-body communication channels results based on measurements result in an anechoic chamber has been published.
"We're creating a state-of-the art anechoic chamber for testing our physical antenna prototypes, but even the best antenna test chambers are limited in their size and shape, the performance of their absorptive materials, and the range of frequencies they can accommodate," Schennum said.
Andres Orta, an antenna and radome testing range mechanic, might test and tune about 30 radomes a month with the help of specialized fiberglass tape and a Precision Radome Integrated System of Measurement anechoic chamber. PRISM testing provides a shielded environment for radio and microwave signals and lets the electronics mechanics know how much tape to use.
First, Daisy was recorded quacking in an anechoic chamber, a special room with jagged surfaces that produces no sound reflections.
To respond to this demand, TDK will construct a state-of-the-art, cutting-edge anechoic chamber at the Technical Center to measure and evaluate electromagnetic waves during new product development and to propose EMC countermeasure technologies and countermeasure products as well as reinforce the EMC solution business by analyzing customer products.
(What's My Line?); Laboratory, 2000, imaging an anechoic chamber, used in the motor industry for testing engine noise levels; Collection, 2001, based on photos of the singer Engelbert Humperdinck's collection of gold records; and Space Simulator, 2003, a roughly ten-by-fourteen-foot image of the device used for training American astronauts.
Among the usability features in the new version is the ability to automatically set up a simulation that produces the same type of data that would be obtained from an anechoic chamber turntable measurement for emissions.
This compact range features an off-set fed serrated-edge reflector in a 60 X 36 X 26 ft shielded anechoic chamber, and has an 8 X 8 X 5.3 ft quiet-zone.
First Daisy was recorded quacking in an anechoic chamber -a special room with jagged surfaces that produces no sound reflections.
The testing started inside the anechoic chamber with antenna-pattern measurements.
-- Anechoic Chamber -- Measures the amount and quality of acoustic output to improve acoustic performance.