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not having or producing echoes

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AGC Inc, a Japanese global glass manufacturing company, has inaugurated the anechoic chambers constructed in Gosselies (Belgium) for the development of automotive on-glass antennas on March 15, 2019.
This is typically measured in an anechoic chamber at an expensive test lab.
However, hydrosalpinx and pyosalpinx were differentiated based on echogenicity of fluid as presence of anechoic fluid was diagnosed as hydrosalpinx and echoic fluid as pyosalpinx.
Most frequent echo structure of loculated effusion was complex septate (Figure 1(a)), whereas free effusion were mostly anechoic (Figure 1(c)).
Anechoic chambers are also used to check a product's sound quality, or how pleasing it sounds to people's ears.
AV malformation--Normal sized uterus and cervix with an anechoic area which on colour Doppler reveals vascular content
Applications include precision sound level measurements, R&D, hearing preservation and safety, vehicle pass-by noise, machinery preventative maintenance, environmental noise monitoring, anechoic chamber and loudspeaker measurements.
Among specific topics are a robot control system for stereotactic surgery, using a river formation dynamics algorithm in mobile robot navigation, testing some alpha-models of turbulence on wing profiles, oscillations of the piezoelectric actuator with two-directional polarization, the control system for a manipulation mechanism for acoustical measurements in an anechoic chamber, and the non-collision path planning of a payload in crane operating space.
Anechoic chambers are used to evaluate the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of military and commercially-available, electronic equipment.
Microwave absorbers are used to dampen the cavity resonances, but their most extensive use is in the design of reflectionless environments, such as EMC and antenna measurement anechoic chambers.
London, Apr 8 ( ANI ): An 'anechoic chamber' in the US, named by Guinness World Records as the world's quietest place, is so silent it can actually give people hallucinations.
introduces anechoic octoBox chambers(C)1994-2012 ENPublishing -
TDK, a large-sized supplier of electronic components, anechoic chambers, test systems, power supplies and factory automation equipment, will invest more than NT$400 million in setting up an R&D center in Taiwan, and seek cooperation with local companies on LEDs (light emitting diodes), energy-efficient motors and smart living technologies in the next three years.
CATR is using Spirent's SR5500 and VR5 wireless channel emulators, in conjunction with an anechoic chamber, to investigate and validate approaches to MIMO OTA testing.