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not having or producing echoes

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Observe: The walls of anechoic chambers absorb sound waves.
Six patients with lower abdominal pain and occasional spotting with negative pregnancy test were subjected for conventional 2 Dimensional trans-vaginal examination with showed an anechoic area in the cervix.
Due to space and cost restrictions, building an additional anechoic chamber was not an option, so Gorenje sought a technical solution from sound and vibration specialist, Bruel & Kjaer.
In contrast to the minimal reflections present in an anechoic chamber, a reverberation chamber can accommodate users in a more realistic situation complete with reflections.
On day 5th post-partum, cervical wall was imaged as wide hyperechoic area, whereas lumen appeared as hyperechoic with some anechoic crypts (Fig.
Minimum values of reflection and transmission coefficients are required to improve the anechoic performance of an absorber.
Each type of testing requires different anechoic chambers, i.
introduces anechoic octoBox chambers(C)1994-2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
TDK, a large-sized supplier of electronic components, anechoic chambers, test systems, power supplies and factory automation equipment, will invest more than NT$400 million in setting up an R&D center in Taiwan, and seek cooperation with local companies on LEDs (light emitting diodes), energy-efficient motors and smart living technologies in the next three years.
CATR is using Spirent's SR5500 and VR5 wireless channel emulators, in conjunction with an anechoic chamber, to investigate and validate approaches to MIMO OTA testing.
We're creating a state-of-the art anechoic chamber for testing our physical antenna prototypes, but even the best antenna test chambers are limited in their size and shape, the performance of their absorptive materials, and the range of frequencies they can accommodate," Schennum said.
According to the company, the original 160,000-square-foot two-story building, which houses its antenna and video technologies development, product, test facilities and two anechoic test ranges, has been enlarged by nearly 28,000 square feet.
Two ammunition storage bunkers are also being built, and some of the unit's anechoic (sound absorbent) chamber space will also be renovated.
First, Daisy was recorded quacking in an anechoic chamber, a special room with jagged surfaces that produces no sound reflections.
Heaton, a founding member of Embrace, is also the manager of an up-and-coming Leeds band, Anechoic, as well as mentoring a number of bands in the Yorkshire area.