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characterized by or given to telling anecdotes

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Our results are thus consistent with the anecdotic evidence that many self-made billionaires prefer not to leave too much money to their children while those billionaires who have inherited money feel an obligation to also leave money to their children.
Anecdotic as it may seem, the second of these aspects is the one on which the book's theoretical premise is grounded: the change in the authors' conceptualization of time is hypothesized as being causally conditioned by the cultural and historical impact of 9/11 on their work.
Working to capture the changing spirit of the modern--and of modernism itself as Celine Mansanti (2012) argues--Jolas and Paul suggest that writers and potential contributors throw off "existing concepts of beauty," specifically the regime of realism they believe has trapped language, writers, and readers in a "sterile world of beauty" limited to "the photography of events," "the mere silhouetting of facts," and "the anecdotic boredom of verse" (Editors 1927b 178-79).
On the contrary, an anecdotic treatment of cultural learning can be found in the SF series.
However anecdotic plants not made of plastic may sound, this in fact represents the opinion of younger generation not very familiar with the natural surroundings.
Along with the various case studies and anecdotic application of some of the IBCT strategies in couple therapies, the really solid empirical evidence of this therapy was published in April 2010 in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.
Building a bibliography from experimental data whilst following a bottom-up methodology is necessary in order to construct a more solid scientific basis, beyond simply anecdotic and descriptive analyses.
Beside anecdotic evidence of partisan disagreement, and even contestation using institutional levers on the size, scope and timing of fiscal packages, a systematic view on the application of the concept of veto power for this category of policy decisions has been missing.
These scientific findings, in addition to the anecdotic information available, emphasize the failure of the different stakeholders in professional football to put the physical, mental and social health of players in a lifespan perspective, which does not concur with the WHO and ILO statement related to human and labour rights of any workers in any occupation.
In fact, news programmes are constructed with a good dose of "show business": they offer brief, decontextualised and anecdotic items.
Though our evidence in this section is merely anecdotic, it indicates a possible extension of our findings to corporate strategy.