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characterized by or given to telling anecdotes

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Traveling across the lines of their own anecdotic limits is perhaps the most characteristic behavior of characters as fictional entities in La frontera de cristal.
Anecdotic references describe starving livestock weighing less than 500 lbs as they were brought to slaughter.
This anecdotic way of the popular discourse, of course, should not be taken literally.
Due to the restricted scope of this publication, the description is anecdotic rather than comprehensive.
Anecdotic narrative or doleful poetic (or prosaic) evocation seems unequal to such a task of self-apprehension, which is, no doubt, the foundation stone of a social entity and the base on which it can build its relationships with the rest of the world.
For instance, the anecdotic and idiomatic exchange between Nwakerendu Nwokedi and his son in-law, Senator Arikpo, in which the former bemoans his bad political fate, enhances the foreboding atmosphere in the play, Nwokedi:
On the other hand, this structural use of the color, which enables the reader to link elements across the limits of the panel, is also a means of redefining the relationship between color as a narrative device and color as an anecdotic feature of fictional elements.
It is of course anecdotic data, but we have received such comments in almost all of the courses in which we have used interteaching.
Although the evidence is merely anecdotic, it turns out that online media provide a number of new avenues for creators and producers to reach their intended audiences, without significant gatekeepers preventing them from doing so.