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Synonyms for anecdote

Synonyms for anecdote

an entertaining and often oral account of a real or fictitious occurrence

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short account of an incident (especially a biographical one)

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Bursting with jovial anecdotes, an mix of modern and traditional music, it is the perfect way for the whole family to get into the festive spirit.
While the barrage of tweets began as a reply to a Business Insider story, Musk also took a shot at TIME for writing a story based on the same anecdote.
...because you only have one anecdote CHRISTMAS parties, for couples, mean two things.
It's another sparkling feel-good instalment all round with improbably hilarious contributions from comedians Sarah Millican and Jon Richardson as well as actor David Harewood who has a great anecdote about how he got into character for his role in Homeland.
Melbourne, Nov 11(ANI): Australian cricketer Ed Cowan has lamented the controversy, that was sparked off due to an anecdote on his friend and England cricketer Kevin Pietersen
For example, symbolic vicarious reinforcement may occur when a model tells a personal anecdote about how she or he behaved in a particular way and experienced positive outcomes.
Mr Phillips, chairman of the Commission for Equality and Human Rights (CEHR), told the anecdote as part of a speech he gave at a private Imperial College London dinner.
DO you have an anecdote about rugby league legend Douglas (Dougie) Clark?
These anecdotes include such diverse but similar musical personalities as Fred Waring (director of the Pennsylvanians chorale) and music-loving comedian Jackie Gleason, whose anecdote segues into a Theodore "Sonny" Rollins escapade without missing a beat.
Hence he would suddenly purse up his mouth in a pointed but ludicrous fashion whenever Boswell came into the room, and sit as mute as a fish till that angler for anecdote and repartee had left it." Quoted in The New Oxford Book of Literary Anecdotes, this passage might almost serve as its epigraph.
The book starts promisingly enough, with the aforementioned Selznick anecdote. Meeting with the legendary "Gone With the Wind" producer about an upcoming Fox publicity campaign, Feldman joked that Darryl Zanuck, just like Selznick, had recently referred to himself as the most important person in the history of the business.
He also organizes gatherings--"anecdote conferences," as he calls them--during which select groups of invited participants discuss and evaluate his projects in detail.
In Latin America, our speaker does open with an amusing, well-chosen anecdote: "My brother works for the government of the United States of America.
It was actually an anecdote at the tail end of the story that caught my attention, a story involving Ken Freeman, former chairman and CEO of Quest Diagnostics, who had once headed Corning's TV glass business.