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Synonyms for anecdotal



Synonyms for anecdotal

characterized by or given to telling anecdotes

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"Looking at the interest Facebook and Amazon had in the Indian Premier League rights, anecdotally it sounded like very big numbers."
"Anecdotally, we are seeing a rising number of referrals related to prescription drug addiction, to drugs like co-codamol, tramadol and pregabalin.
Author elizabeth Strout sucks you into an exquisitely written story, anecdotally retold in perfectly constructed short chapters.
"We knew anecdotally [that the fraternity] had an enormous impact on Jewish identity," said Carr, who added that he wanted the Jewish community to see that the AEPi experience was as much a "game changer" for maintaining Jewish identity in young Jews as a program like Birthright.
We have been aware anecdotally for some time that experiences vary widely across the UK, so we wanted to take this opportunity to identify what these differences are and where they might be occurring.
Sean Cassidy, vice president of the Air Line Pilots Association, told the New York Times in a statement: "It's rather unfortunate that the day the new rule change became mandatory happens to coincide with this massive weather system." Airlines for America spokeswoman Katie Connell said: "[W]e have heard anecdotally from some member carriers that [the rule change] was a contributing factor and we will continue to work closely with the FAA to identify specific issues related to the implementation of the rule and propose solutions in response."
The results gave substance and insight to what many had been hearing anecdotally: There is a growing separation between policy makers and ordinary citizens over student testing, teacher evaluation, school safety, and the Common Core.
Washington, July 16 ( ANI ): It has been believed that consuming cranberry products has been anecdotally associated with prevention of urinary tract infections (UTIs) for over 100 years.
I found that anecdotally, there was a lot of doubling-up going on for unit roommates.
Anthony Conroy, Casino and Games Manager at said, "Although we have no scientific evidence that a new James Bond movie causes a spike in casino play, anecdotally we did see an uplift during the opening week of Skyfall."
Anecdotally that seems the way a lot of SMEs and their bigger brothers have been feeling for the past three or four years, some have definitely been burned!
Anecdotally some passengers seem to opt for the middle section near the wings where they are less likely to feel turbulence while others want to be near the front for ease of getting off the plane, less engine noise or even to get a better choice of food available.
"While we are big fans of fish oil, this survey confirms what we have heard anecdotally from our customers an.d consumers," said Eric Anderson, vice president of sales and marketing with Aker.