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Synonyms for anecdotal



Synonyms for anecdotal

characterized by or given to telling anecdotes

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In this regard, recent statistical and anecdotal information indicated that home sales were holding up well across the country, although higher-priced homes appeared to be selling relatively slowly in some areas.
Something that is anecdotal relates to an anecdote, or a story about a funny or interesting event.
The committee said it had received strong anecdotal evidence that a body of current and former service personnel had been adversely affected by its use and that the arrangements for supporting them were "inadequate".
Speaking before the House Judiciary Committee onAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA Tuesday, Lynch said while there are anecdotal stor there isn't any hard data that says Americans are less safe because of a national debate over the use of force by police.
She is signing her latest title and sharing her anecdotal guidebook to alternative parental submonitions in "How to Teach Your Kids to Swear" the 2nd Bonus Edition.
Let me put this out there right now: There is no scientific evidence that any vaccine has ever been linked to autism--it's all anecdotal. Almost every major scientific organization has studied vaccines and all have come to the conclusion that there is no link between them and autism.
While Novartis argued that anecdotal evidence does not prove classwide bias, the plaintiffs' stories convinced the jury.
Information related to severe disabilities funding requirements is in the "Funding Manual for School Authorities 2009-2010 School Year." Seven appendices are included: (1) Student Monitoring Form Severe Disabilities Funding, 2009/2010; (2) Profil de l'eleve ayant une deficience grave (formulaire); (3) Sample Chart for Recording Anecdotal Information - Code 42; (4) Chart for Recording Anecdotal Information - Code 42; (5) Answers to Commonly Asked Questions; (6) Glossary; and (7) Resources.
Laurence Morgan, General Manager for British Waterways Yorkshire said: "There are great many anecdotal views about the impact of the Tees Barrage on fishing.
* Anecdotal and empirical evidence of re-admissions linked with early ICU discharge
Cannell points to TB sanitariums as anecdotal evidence that sunlight fights infections.
Anecdotal evidence suggests that traditional treatment does not fully restore hearing.
Michelle Clemon, McWane Inc., Birmingham, Ala., gave an anecdotal presentation explaining how the lessons learned from a crisis at her own company could be implemented elsewhere to prevent disaster.
The article ends with commentary by Margaret Laws, a director of the California HealthCare Foundation: "Until now, she said, the only sources of information on the costs of caring for illegal immigrants have been anecdotal reports.
Some of these are granted less than one page of anecdotal and historical notes, but that is sufficient to allow the reader to place each work in the context of Mozart's life.