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an androgenic hormone that is less active than testosterone

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Mammalian steroids hormones also known as mammalian sex hormones estrone, progesterone, testosterone, androsterone, [beta]-estradiol and 17[beta]-estradiol species synthesized by many plant species.
Celery contains androsterone, a powerful hormone that men release through their sweat glands to help attract a partner.
3) Approximately 50% of adults cannot detect the odor of the hormone androsterone found in human perspiration, even at artificially high concentrations.
1,2) The physiognomy is typical of eunuchs castrated early in life, and is caused by a deficiency of androsterone (testosterone), normally produced predominantly in the testes.
Fourth, Androsterone which is a chemical by-product created during the breakdown of androgens, or derived from progesterone, that also exerts minor masculinising effects, but with one-seventh the intensity of testosterone.
94 nmol/liter (88 ng/dl) or dehydroepi- androsterone sulfate (DHEAS) [greater than or equal to] 6.
As recently as 2005, the world half-marathon champion, Sun Yingjie, tested positive for the testosterone derivative androsterone and received a two-year ban.
And the celery in Waldorf salad contains androsterone which can increase male pheromones and sex drive.
Bray attempted to show that 19-NA could be formed in the sample through the transformation of endogenous hormones such as testosterone or androsterone into 19-NA.
In 1931 Butenandt obtained a small quantity of a hormone that was named androsterone (from the Greek word for "man").
Estrone, estriol and 17[beta]-estradiol induced flowering in winter wheat (Janeczko and Filek, 2002), while androsterone, androstenedione and progesterone induced the generative phase in Arabidopsis thaliana (Janeczko et al.