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a morbid fear of men

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For some, hell really is other people: androphobia, fear of men; gynephobia, fear of women; and xenophobia, fear of strangers or foreigners.
The introduction of the following terms helps balance the idea of sexism; misogyny, misandry, gynephobia, androphobia, androcentric, and gynocentric.
Or how else can they employ their "freedom"?) I had to line up naked in front of the medicine man, who glanced at my balls, nor were they missing from the middle of that mighty wreath of hair, and in order to free myself from military service, I claimed I was suffering from androphobia. This word was indeed found on the referral that took me, a former team athlete, to the military hospital for further examination....
Another phobia currently worsening at the BBC is Androphobia, otherwise called 'Misandrosy' - the hatred of men.