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Synonyms for andromeda

broad-leaved evergreen Asiatic shrub with glossy leaves and drooping clusters of white flowers

any of several shrubs of the genus Andromeda having leathery leaves and clusters of small flowers

(Greek mythology) an Ethiopian princess and daughter of Cassiopeia

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Botany cannot go farther than tell me the names of the shrubs which grow there--the high blueberry, panicled andromeda, lambkill, azalea, and rhodora--all standing in the quaking sphagnum.
And there I shivered on that wretched plank, chained like Andromeda to the rock, with a black infinity above and below; and before my eyes, now grown familiar with the peculiar darkness, stood Lord Ernest Belville, waiting for Raffles to emerge with full hands and unsuspecting heart!
Developer BioWare has reportedly put the "Mass Effect" franchise on hiatus and has reorganized the "Mass Effect: Andromeda" studio, BioWare Montreal, into a support studio.
This also means that the latest installment, "Andromeda," won't likely have a follow-up anytime soon, sources told ( Kotaku.
London, United Kingdom, July 13, 2012 --( Andromeda Systems (ASL) and Firmao Software are pleased to announce that they have entered into an alliance through which ASL will market SunCRM exclusively in the UK.
Rafal Namiecinski, Managing Director of Firmao says, "We are delighted to have Andromeda Systems as our exclusive alliance partner in the UK and we look forward to working with ASL to gain significant market share in the rapidly growing market for cloud-based CRM solutions."
In 2013, observations made using NASA's Swift satellite revealed the presence of a bright X-ray source in Andromeda (also known as M31) - a spiral galaxy located about 2.5 million light-years from Earth.
"This pulsar, which has a lower mass than any of Andromeda's black holes, is brighter at high energies than the galaxy's entire black hole population."
Just less than two weeks before "Mass Effect: Andromeda" is officially released on the market, developer BioWare announced the good news that they will not be charging players for the multiplayer maps.
Flynn was apparently asked by a fan about the multiplayer content of "Mass Effect: Andromeda," and the former did not hesitate to share that players won't have to pay a cent for the forthcoming maps.