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showing characteristics of both sexes

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Furthermore, Androgyny shirts include an empowering twist: an insistence on putting the front buttons on the right side.
While the Paris runways are about androgyny and mixing up sex and gender markers for aesthetic value, Going, founder of the new lesbian-owned and-operated fashion label Saint Harridan, is filling a longtime need among masculine women like herself.
In Lisa Rado's essay on androgyny in Woolf's writing, she notes that late twentieth-century critics define the term as "a mixture of so-called masculine and feminine personality characteristics" (139).
The visual rhetoric of The Passion comes down emphatically on the side of those who would reject androgyny in the representation of Jesus.
The reader will, I hope, excuse this rather extensive introduction to the discussion of Leopold and Molly Bloom's androgyny, but it is only in the context of the exhaustive and holistic spectrum of gender types, as presented above, that it is possible to adequately analyze androgyny as a mean between the extremes of feminine and masculine psychology.
Androgyny has been a recurrent theme (Viel disguised as Virginia Woolf, reading passages from To the Lighthouse, or shown in a video where he speaks in a female voice), while other works deal with the social and collective response to this questioning of identity.
After discussing the place of women on the stage and in the audience in both Spain and England, he develops his own position vis-a-vis the role of sexual ambivalence, cross-dressing, and androgyny in the theater.
But I come from the Grace Jones/Iggy Pop school of androgyny.
It's a necessary job: A rigid orthodoxy of androgyny is likely to have adverse consequences, both personal and political (such as aggressive, coercive efforts to eliminate disparities that might be rooted in inherent male-female differences).
Similarly, Gleeson-White argues that McCullers does not depict classical androgyny in her texts because there is no smooth balancing of the sexes or genders, no oneness; her characters are hybrids--ever moving, ever tense, ever desirous.
Androgyny means to look both masculine and feminine.
2 Heterodox in religion, ecologically minded, critical of American jingoism, and open to androgyny, Seton admirably foreshadowed much of late twentieth-century progressive opinion, but the BSA expelled him in 1915 for noncitizenship.
Androgyny The fashion spiral has gone full circle and once again the word androgyny is being chucked around.
Bunlardan en cok kullanilanlari sunlardir; Bem'in gelistirmis oldugu Bem Cinsiyet Rolu Envanteri (BSRI--Bem Sex Role Inventory); Spence, Helmreich ve Stapp'in gelistirmis olduklari Kisisel Yuklemeler Anketi (PAQ-Personal Attributes Questionnaire), MMPI'in Kadinsilik-Erkeksilik Olcegi (Masculinity-Femininity Scale), Berzins, Welling ve Wetter'in Kisilik Arastirma Formu--Androjenlik Olcegi (Personality Research Form- Androgyny Scale-PRF-Andro) (Aktaran: Fecteau ve ark.