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having both male and female characteristics


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Bandage and the boldest looks from the early-1990s era are mostly evident in statement shirts and graphic tees, as well as long coats with a plastic sheen finish and darker, androgynous looks.
This is how the idea of Androgynous Fox--and the tag line 'Genderless Is More'--was conceived," says Periat.
The campaign featured military inspired pieces that have an androgynous look.
Androgynous outerwear has featured now for multiple seasons & for AW13 is more relevant than ever
The missus and the androgynous celebs corner old Mr B on the stairs.
The Bible as a Medium for Social Engineering: Jesus as the Androgynous Role Model
Winner Kara Laricks, a former fourth-grade teacher and out lesbian, triumphed with her androgynous styles.
Bem reported that the masculine and the dual personality individual have more significant independence than the feminine do, their gender performances are looked on by others as appropriate to the situation, and the androgynous and the masculine have greater self-esteem than do those who are undifferentiated.
One of the measures employed for measuring gender role identity was developed by Sandra Bem, (Bem, 1974;1975) and is called the Bem Sex Role Inventory (BSRI) which classifies individuals into four classes of gender identity: masculine feminine, androgynous and undifferentiated and has been used in psychological and social psychological research( Woolf and Maisto, 2008).
Shenzhou 8 will feature a Russian androgynous docking module in place of the usual orbital module, and will perform its docking operation under ground control.
WEARING your boyfriend's shirt has morphed into an actual trend this season with androgynous fashion a key look for AW11.
It only takes a modicum of research to turn up descriptions of the band's androgynous lead singer and its "glamazon backup singers," and at least one account of "fireworks and midget dancers" (of which we can find no other reference, and so must treat as apocryphal).
How to make androgynous work for you First we had the boyfriend jean then last season's ubiquitous long, buttoned boyfriend cardigan but channelling your man's wardrobe from top to toe is a great way to stay warm through winter.
That's taking it too far, but this lush set of songs, sung in McDermott's soaring androgynous vocal, demands attention.
We are not allowed to violate the Sabbath to circumcise an androgynous baby.