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having both male and female characteristics


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In order to investigate the androgynous discourse of Mumtaz Shahnawaz for the representation of masculine, feminine and feminist gendered discourse I have employed the most relevant authors of feminist literary criticism.
They show that androgynous individuals have a higher level of job satisfaction.
Caption: Alana Powell wears Androgynous Fox Logoi V Neck
Masculine and androgynous individuals are more likely to take risks and be assertive because they affiliate with these masculine behaviors.
She adds, “We're not necessarily trying to make menswear for women, or to create clothing that is specifically labeled as androgynous clothing, but we want to embrace the fact that all kinds of women already do look in the mens' section from time to time.
The archetypical balance of agency and communion may be interpreted as the androgynous collective unconscious, since it is experienced by both males and females who share myth and religion.
Bem reported that the masculine and the dual personality individual have more significant independence than the feminine do, their gender performances are looked on by others as appropriate to the situation, and the androgynous and the masculine have greater self-esteem than do those who are undifferentiated.
One of the measures employed for measuring gender role identity was developed by Sandra Bem, (Bem, 1974;1975) and is called the Bem Sex Role Inventory (BSRI) which classifies individuals into four classes of gender identity: masculine feminine, androgynous and undifferentiated and has been used in psychological and social psychological research( Woolf and Maisto, 2008).
It only takes a modicum of research to turn up descriptions of the band's androgynous lead singer and its "glamazon backup singers," and at least one account of "fireworks and midget dancers" (of which we can find no other reference, and so must treat as apocryphal).
How to make androgynous work for you First we had the boyfriend jean then last season's ubiquitous long, buttoned boyfriend cardigan but channelling your man's wardrobe from top to toe is a great way to stay warm through winter.
That's taking it too far, but this lush set of songs, sung in McDermott's soaring androgynous vocal, demands attention.
We are not allowed to violate the Sabbath to circumcise an androgynous baby.
(Echoes of Iris Robinson.) At the camp Megan falls in with a bunch of other queer kids and among them the androgynous Grahamplayed by Clea DuVall.
Curiously, the cover of Vanity Fair magazine marking her 50th birthday shows a svelte, flawlessly-skinned, willowy figure that owes more to a classic Hollywood beauty in her prime than the gutsy, androgynous chanteuse.
Whether they are single parents, two parents, heterosexual or homosexual families, what is important is that the parental responsibility includes as soon as possible the need to socialize the children to becoming androgynous beings who identify themselves rg one or several androgynous parents (Journal Abstract).