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one having both male and female sexual characteristics and organs

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Burne-Jones had huge influence on Aubrey Beardsley, whose Japanese-style drawings in black ink also portray a lot of figures of the androgyne. Susan P.
What the androgyne meant for Swinburne adds another dimension to the interpretation of these lines.
De plus, dans le cinema marocain, le scope semantique du terme androgyne, en tant qu'intergenre, ne subsume pas les homosexuels ni les lesbiennes ni les bisexuels.
She went on to publish The Autobiography of an Androgyne (1918) and The Female Impersonators (1922), both memoirs in which she referred to herself as a person with a male physical body but the sexual constitution of a female.
The androgyne, the alchemical achievement of a perfect union of the two sexes, makes an appearance in this setting:
Users can choose among more than 50 possibilities, from androgyne to genderqueer.
Citing the symbolism of the Androgyne ideal in the works of both poets, Berger suggests that the friendship between Charles-Brun and Vivien was a source of inspiration for their respective aesthetic pursuits.
Thus, Andrej Pejic, a beautiful Bosnian half-Croat, half-Serb androgyne whose hybridity transcends ethnic and gender/sexuality boundaries, constitutes a "middle finger" raised to both arch-nationalist, sexist Yugozoners, and the "monster" all harbor within.
Debates also abounded in the Renaissance, according to Katherine Crawford, as French writers came across the Italian figure of the "androgyne" and translated that image to fit notions of French gender and sexual norms, though in often contradictory ways (Chapter Three).
Marilyn Strathern's 'dividual androgyne' is hailed as "a radical critique of western frameworks of gender ...
His formative years were clearly affected by a disconnection from his parents so that "unable to identify with either man or woman, Orlando [...] finds an alternative in the androgyne" (Rado 161).
The theologian Peter Gorday so much as suggests that in Bakan's work there are hints of an explanation for the atoning death of Jesus, a man whom I would now refer to as the archetypical androgyne in the Christian scriptures.
I am the androgyne I am the living mind you fail to describe in your dead language the lost noun, the verb surviving only in the infinitive the letters of my name are written under the lids of the newborn child Years later, writing of the Albrecht Durer print titled "Head of an Angel," I wrote:
It is possible to make much of this grammatical shift, suggesting that the original human was both male and female--an androgyne similar to the beings described by Aristophanes' famous speech in Plato's Symposium.