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of or related to androgenesis


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A marvellously androgenous performance from Cillian Murphy is supported by a cream of Irish acting talent, most notable of which is Stephen Rea's morose magician.
His androgenous good looks and different-coloured eyes (actually they're both blue, one is just permanently dilated after being damaged in a fight giving it a darker appearance) give him the perfect other-worldly features for those quirky alien roles.
Consistent with this view are studies suggesting that gender-typed "masculine" men seek help less readily than "androgenous" men (e.g., Good, Dell, & Mintz, 1989; Nadler, Maler, & Freedman, 1984).
Examples include the bandit usurper to the throne of the thirteenth-century Javanese kingdom Singosari, Ken Arok (Angrok); the androgenous clown-god Semar; the ogre-king Cakil, and so on.
What attracts our attention, however, is his gentle, feminine features and the gracefulness of his hands, giving out a strange sensation of androgenous beauty in spite of his braggard, masculine posture.
It has been argued that part of the drive to reduce body weight and size in anorexic sufferers is an attempt to retain a pre-adolescent, androgenous body shape (e.g.
"It blends in with the whole androgenous Sixties look."
Androgenous Objects: String Bags and Gender in Central New Guinea.
Baucom and Danker-Brown (1979) determined that individuals with androgenous sex role types did not react with performance or mood deficits in the face of forced failures.
Taylor presents a guide to the lesser-known Roman de Fauvain, whose comic-book hero is a feminine, or androgenous, version of Fauvel.