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male sex hormone that is produced in the testes and responsible for typical male sexual characteristics

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Anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) are testosterone derivatives that exert anabolic (tissue building) and androgenic (masculinizing) influences on the body.
This article discusses 2 sudden death cases in healthy bodybuilders who were using androgenic anabolic steroids.
A snapshot of the global therapeutic scenario for Androgenic Alopecia.
Aromatase is an endogenous enzyme in both men and women that converts androgenic hormones, like testosterone, into estrogens like estradiol.
DHEA effects in the prostate tissues may depend on how these two cells types 'talk to each other' and further, it may be potentially harmful in tissues containing inflammation or with early cancer lesions because the cells can induce DHEA to become more androgenic," said Arnold.
Ecological research at the ecosystem level looks at the biotic and abiotic components of ecosystems and their interaction, with a particular focus on functional processes, and ecological mechanisms that maintain the structure and services produced by natural and androgenic ecosystems.
In this case, the condition is called androgenic alopecia, and among women is seen as a general thinning of the hair all over the head.
New progestins are being derived from 19-norprogesterone, which is not androgenic and may better inhibit ovulation.
Conventional detection methods for androgenic and antiandrogenic compounds cannot evaluate hormonal bioactivity, which is important in a wide range of clinical conditions, and no alternative direct and simple methods for measurement of plasma androgen bioactivity are available.
Chemists have feverishly attempted to minimize the androgenic effects, while concurrently heightening the anabolic effects.
Androgenic side effects, including acne, alopecia, hirsutism, and voice deepening, occurred in 3%-10% of subjects in both the treatment and placebo groups.
No women in the testosterone group withdrew from the study due to androgenic effects, such as hirsutism or acne.
Listed are a few titles of the Tables: Composition and Identification of Old Contraceptives, Contraceptive Pill Activity, Oral Contraceptives With Similar Endometrial, Progestational and Androgenic Activities (classes 52 name-brand oral contraceptives into 14 groups, based on endometrial, progestational, and androgenic activities) and Relation of Side Effects to Hormone Content (ie, too much or too little estrogen, progesterone or androgen affect).
The legislation, if enacted, would cover three hard drug categories: anabolic androgenic steroids, Beta 2 agonists (other than asthma medications) and peptides and glycoprotein hormones and analogues, which include growth hormones and erythropoeitin.