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Synonyms for suppression

Synonyms for suppression

sudden punitive action

Synonyms for suppression

the failure to develop some part or organ

the act of withholding or withdrawing some book or writing from publication or circulation


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forceful prevention

(psychology) the conscious exclusion of unacceptable thoughts or desires

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Acute versus chronic exposure to androgen suppression for prostate cancer: impact on the exercise response.
8 years with intermittent androgen suppression (P value .
The rest of the men were treated with external-beam radiation therapy (n = 209); external-beam radiation with androgen suppression therapy (n = 90); brachytherapy (n = 271); or brachytherapy with either external-beam radiation or androgen suppression therapy (n = 35).
However, because PSA synthesis and secretion require hormonal influence, androgen suppression can reduce PSA production (4).
Various methods of androgen suppression yield similar survival rates, but orchiectomy is cheaper and spares patients repeated hospital visits and drug-related side effects.
NCT01492972 ("Hypo-fractionated Proton Radiation Therapy With or Without Androgen Suppression for Intermediate Risk Prostate Cancer")
Men with prostate cancer failing ADT clearly deserve re-assessment of the efficacy of such treatment to rule out a possible relationship with suboptimal androgen suppression.
Intermediate-risk men who received 4 months of androgen suppression plus radiotherapy had the most pronounced benefit, with an overall survival rate of 72% vs.
SEATTLE -- It's known that patients undergoing combined androgen suppression therapy for prostate cancer may experience decreases in penile and testicular volume, but physicians don't always inform patients of this risk, Dr.
PD analysis demonstrated androgen suppression as shown by reductions in testosterone and DHEA-S
Intermittent androgen suppression may reduce the side effects of therapy during off-treatment periods.
The goal of using the GnRH antagonist is to reach a level of androgen suppression that will shrink the prostate and improve clinical symptoms without the side effects associated with complete testosterone suppression, explained Dr.
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