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a male gametoecium

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Sarcandra has the simplest possible bisexual flowers, with one stamen adnate to the back of one carpel, whereas Chloranthus has an adnate three-lobed androecium (with only one theca on each lateral lobe) that has been variously interpreted as three fused stamens or one subdivided stamen (Swamy, 1953; Endress, 1987; Doyle et al., 2003); in both genera the flowers are borne on spikes in the axils of bracts and are insect pollinated.
Flowers 0.7-3 cm diam., asymmetric; sepals green, abaxial surface pilose, elliptic to ovate or ovate to orbicular, 5-12 X 2-9; petals yellow, two external, oblong to ovate, 6-7 X 4-6 mm, two internal, orbicular, 7-8 X 5-5.5 mm, cuculus bent around the androecium, 10-15 X 5-9 mm; stamens yellowish to vinaceous, 2.5-5.5 mm long; staminoids 0.5-2 mm long; ovary vinaceous, pilose, 5-12 mm long; style green to vinaceous, 6-11.5 mm long.
The condition represents a special kind of parthenocarpy where in addition to the ovaries; staminodes which are rudiments of androecium in the unisexual female flowers also grow to form multiple fruit-like structures.
Below the image window is the "backbone" of the floral formula (i.e., K C A G: calyx, corolla, androecium, and gynoecium, respectively), along with 13 drop-down menus (Figure 4).
Species of Cyclanthera are tendriliferous, usually annual herbs, characterized by the gibbous ovary with an apical placenta and few ascending ovules, the fleshy fruit with explosive dehiscence, and the androecium of a single, horizontal, continuous, circular theca.
Hence, there are morphological and functional androecium differences: the medium stamens playa nutritional role while the long ones playa reproductive one.
Different types of malformations were observed in androecium development in mutant plants.
androecium. The collective name for all the stamens in a flower.