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a male gametoecium

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However, if Chloranthus is rescored as having more than one stamen, which would be supported by the separate attachment of the androecial lobes in Chloranthistemon alatus and C.
The present study provides information on floral biology, reproductive system and androecial differentiation of Senna corymbosa (Lam.) Irwin & Barneby.
This might be true when androecial investment is small, relative to a large investment in fixed costs and floral advertising and rewards that benefit both sexual functions.
Emergence of the androecium commences with the lower two stamens of the outer androecial whorl (i.e., the long, lateral, upper stamens).
where [g.sub.i] is the number of gynoecial units (here, total female flowers produced on the survey dates), [a.sub.i] is the number of androecial units (total number of male flowers), and E is an "equivalence factor" that weights the androecial unit measurement so that one androecial unit is equivalent to one gynoecial unit.
All Zingiberales have two whorls of stamen, giving a base form of K3:C3: A 3 + 3 :G(3), with perianth and androecial parts variously differentiated and fused throughout the order (Fig.
Phylogeny and androecial evolution in Schisandraceae inferred from sequences of nrDNA ITS and cpDNA trnL-F regions.