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a male gametoecium

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Other two- and three-lobed androecia from Albian-Cenomanian sediments were briefly reported by Friis et al.
2001) and the Cannaceae, Costaceae, Marantaceae and Zingiberaceae families would represent a unique clade, based on characters such as reduction of androecia to an only functional stamen, large and conspicuous staminodia, seeds with perisperm, absence of raphides in parenchymatic tissues and entire, firm and not torn leaves (Judd et al.
When glyphosate is applied at the 6-, 10-, and 14-leaf stages, the androecia of flowers at first position, main-stem nodes in about the first half of the fruiting zone have become primordial structures or are in development.
A morphological cladistic analysis of Gentianaceae-Canscorinae and the evoLution of anisomorphic androecia in the subtribe.