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a garnet consisting of calcium iron silicate and having any color ranging from yellow and green to brown and black

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Pischedda, "Elastic properties of andradite and grossular, by synchrotron X-ray diffraction at high pressure conditions," European Journal of Mineralogy, vol.
Chief among the native Brazilians who made major contributions was Jose Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva (1726-1789), who, after graduating from the Freiberg Mining Academy, went on to write prolifically of Brazil's "natural history." Andrada was the first to describe petalite, seapolite and cryolite; the mineral species andradite was named for him.
In 2009 some of the world's finest specimens of green and yellow andradite crystals on matrix were found in a mangrove swamp near Antetezambato in the extreme northern area of Madagascar.
Based on type garnet market is classified into almandine, andradite, grossular, pyrope, spessartine, and uvarovite.
One could not think of leaving Africa without a check-in on specimens from the new occurrence of gemmy green andradite variety "demantoid" at Antetezambato, Antsiranana, Madagascar.
Leaving the African treasure-chest and heading for Asia by way of Madagascar, we pause to note the very exciting new andradite specimens (marketed as the variety "demantoid") now being gathered from open-pit workings in skarn rock near the village of Antezambato, near the town of Ambanja, in Antsiranana Province.
The 2009 Denver Show (see report in this issue) was graced by abundant supplies of the lovely new andradite ("demantoid") specimens now coming from diggings in a mangrove swamp at Antezambato, Antsiranana Province, on the northern coast of Madagascar.
During the last ten years the Lac D'Amiante mine has produced world-class green andradite crystals and the best suolunite specimens ever found.
For around $30 one could pick up a gleaming, miniature-size group of brown andradite crystals from the skarn of the Sinerechenskoye mine, 200 km east of Dalnegorsk in Primorskiy Kraj, Russia.
No, the present world tour will conclude instead in Japan, with some winning specimens of andradite and Japan-law twinned quartz that were on view in the "International Room" of the Main Show, having been brought there by Takeda Kozo of Takeda Mineral Specimens Co., Ltd.
The Ojos Negros locality has produced the world's finest black andradite (sometimes called "melanite").
Excellent crystals of other minerals have also been found: uvite, pyrite, fluorapatite, andradite, spinel, augite, and hemimorphite, to name just a few.
The standards used were: albite (Na), microcline (K), andradite (Ca, Fe), SrS[O.sub.4] (Sr), BaS[O.sub.4] (Ba), MnTi[O.sub.3] (Mn), fluorapatite (F).
Trusty Dach der Welt specialist Francois Lietard ( had a swarm of very small but very bright green specimens showing gemmy andradite dodecahedrons not exceeding 1 cm individually.
Andradite from Cornwall, Pennsylvania was also available, as were one-of-a-kind andradite specimens from California, North Carolina and New England.