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a dark grey volcanic rock

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The stress-strain curves for the air-dried Emochi andesite and Jingkou sandstone samples (Figures 3(c) and 3(d)) are also similar.
Yavuz, "Effect of freeze-thaw and thermal shock weathering on the physical and mechanical properties of an andesite stone," Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment, vol.
Twelve samples of fresh rocks (andesite) were also collected from the crater and recent lava flows.
Historic exploration work in 2015 discovered a surface mineral showing where a grab sample of malachite and azurite stained siliceous andesite returned a value of 317 grams per ton silver Ag or 9.15 ounces silver per ton and 0.39% copper, with anomalous lead (0.80% Pb) and zinc (0.08% Zn).
The Buchava Formation is covered with volcanic rocks of andesite and rhyolite-dacite type and their tuffs (Masek et al., 1997).
Andesite Industries LLC, 7436 Woodshire Road, Maple Falls, 603514347
I then invited him to California State University Northridge and showed him what thin sections of fossilized wood looked like compared with thin sections of basalt and andesite. I also went to his house in San Diego and gave him a slide show on volcanic rocks so that he could understand what processes occur in the formation of volcanoes.
The red sandstone and andesite stones were cut in such a precise way that they fit perfectly into and lock with each other without using mortar.
The collected rock samples lie in Volcanic Formation" which consists of dolerites, andesite, dacites, dacitic tuff, rhyolites and rhyolitic tuff.
The real tensile tests of Tako Sandstone, Sanjome andesite and Kimachi Sandstone were done in article [13, 14], and the test data were cited here to compare with the numerical simulation results.
"Our research has shown there's a 30- to 50-year supply of andesite and tuff," two types of volcanic rock, Donovan said.
(2008) New insights into andesite genesis: the role of mantle-derived calc-alkalic and crust-derived tholeiitic melts in magma differentiation beneath Zao Volcano, NE Japan.