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a dark grey volcanic rock

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This suggests that the best gold and silver values in the extensions of the El Padre vein system to the northeast and southwest lie at moderate depth in the underlying andesite flows.
Andesite is an aphanitic and extrusive igneous rock composed of the Na-rich plagioclase, pyroxene and amphibole.
5 million tons of andesite per year and andesite reserve of 95 million tons in Purwakarta.
We show that this occurred because of limited melting of the asteroid, and thus illustrate that the formation of andesite crust has occurred in our solar system by processes other than plate tectonics, which is the generally accepted process that created the crust of Earth," he said.
The Haddington Island andesite was also used for exterior architectural ornaments and statues.
What emerges is that the tumbled grey stone ramparts on view today would have been the pink-orange colour of the local volcanic andesite rock when they were split to build the walls.
15 metre wide mineralized zone containing quartz, silicified andesite breccia, native gold and acanthite (silver sulfide mineral).
The axe, which is made of andesite - a type of volcanic rock - would have been used by our ancestors for butchering animals, and is only the ninth such tool found in the Midlands in more than a century of investigation.
And Kieth (sic) Marino's words, ``dingy furze andesite assemble ribbon'' made a sort of poetic sense to my caffeine-addled brain.
Peck used locally quarried andesite, a brittle stone that fractures into sharp, angular shapes and has a sparkly surface.
Stele H, dedicated cAD 782, Honduran Maya, from Copan, andesite with traces of paint.
However, the rover's study of a Martian rock called Barnacle Bill indicates that it resembles andesite, a volcanic rock often formed by several cycles of heating and cooling, although not as many as granite.
The area is best known for its intermediate terrain found on the rambling slopes of the Andesite Mountain.