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Synonyms for adnexa

accessory or adjoining anatomical parts or appendages to an organ (especially of the embryo)


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Its design also eliminates many of the ancillary parts found in conventional regulators, such as external power sources for actuation.
Headquartered in Woodruff, Wisconsin, Allied owns AED Superstore, a distributor of AEDs and ancillary parts and accessories, as well as a proprietary, SaaS-based medical direction software solution.
Engineers will prepare engine kits and assemble the gearbox and ancillary parts to the engine including starter motors, alternators, power take-o", pulleys, fan belts, as well as the full wiring harness.
That her work might have been more thoroughly grounded in medieval and classical studies of literature and gender structures weakens only ancillary parts of her argument, and invites more investigation of complex structures of gender, class, and power.
The state is aiming at attracting investments in the manufacturing sector besides focussing on producing ancillary parts in automobiles, chemicals, port and shipping, power generation are other sectors.
Established in 1986, Wakefind built a strong reputation in the industry for supplying a range of products including flexible and rigid buildkit and lineside products, including all ancillary parts.
Although the piece cost for the striker is nearly double of what had been used, due to the elimination of several ancillary parts, reduction in the cost of some associated elements, and a lessened assembly labor requirement, Ford is saving 51% on the application.
When we help our customers mitigate their risk by focusing on the ancillary parts of their businesses, we add value and we both succeed.