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extreme oldness


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It was just that the block Kufi script and the papyrus medium suggested ancientness.
Its imposing symmetry alludes in imaginative, homegrown ways - especially in its column designs - to ennobling ancientness. Grand trees grace the approach and street corner with their venerable countenance.
The perspective suggested by Levi revolves around four main concepts: a) the "irrational" and magic mark of a basically primitive religion; b) ancientness, privileging the idea of "relics" or vestige indebted with the nineteenth-century folkloric survivalism (Hodgen, 1936); c) the syncretic character of subaltern religion, combining Catholicism with previous religions; d) the familistic relationship with the divine, based on pragmatic exchanges: "the southerner instituted a custom of making all manner of up-front bargains with saints or the Madonna" (Primeggia 2000, 83).
* The Chinese tea industry has an approved list of registered terroir teas that have to comply with a set of precise requirements and prove the ancientness of their traditional characteristics in order to be included.
Some put the ancientness of the craft to more than 400 years old or more.
(56) Another approach is the customary law approach where courts evaluate whether a custom has developed based on the elements of ancientness, reasonableness, certainty, and observation.
While I agree that the relationship to the ancientness of a work of sculpture or painting does not play a major role in the local culture, I would contest that it only means "something out of date or simply old" (p.135).
I stay silent for a few minutes, long enough to absorb the sanctity of ancientness, of mana still standing in this world, beckoning me back to the time of Pa'ao who built luakini heiau, who so changed Hawaiian ali'i and society.
The chapter usefully shows that the eighteenth-century debates over the ancientness of Ossian were in fact discussions of the contemporary national character of Scotland and its compatibility with modernity and with Britain.
(13) This criterion has been chosen for its relative independency from literary considerations, for its intimate relationship with performance, and for its highly conservative nature indicating its ancientness. (14) Each verse of the Song of the Sea has been divided in two halves according to the main pausal indication, and the same process was reiterated for each half.
this, up to the top, looking for ancientness, for shaped blocks of
I began to feel their ancientness. I was reminded that the ancient powers of the earth that had built these monuments had also embodied themselves in human bodies.
Building envelope function is to provide protection to indoor environment, but its efficiency varies, being a function of building construction work quality, construction materials, or building ancientness. The infiltration phenomenon was studied from different points of view, as building thermal load variations or gaseous, particulate pollutant transport of infiltrated air.
Nowruz ancientness, variety, colorfulness, and rich symbolism mark it off from its peers in other nations and countries.