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extreme oldness


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Prior to its inversion, "the texts that we today call 'literary' (narratives, stories, epics, tragedies, comedies) were accepted, put into circulation, and valorized without any question about the identity of their author; their anonymity caused no difficulties since their ancientness, whether real or imagined, was regarded as a sufficient guarantee of their status" (Foucault 149).
They are so closely tied that the reader begins to associate the source of the Ents' power with their ancientness.
For me, the cover depicts both modernity and ancientness and succinctly embodies this exotic destination.
The linking of ancientness with exotic languages is, surely, something that would have appealed to Tolkien--and it may well be that it helped to inspire his conception of the testament of Isildur about the Ring, in Book II, Chapter 2 of The Fellowship of the Ring.
For instance, in the case of Cape Breton tourism, if the island is rearticulated as a "seat of ancient culture," as the provincial tour guide insists, whose ancientness is being referred to?
Like every other pensioner, his phone was given to him five years ago by someone who was embarrassed at its ancientness.
In deliberating on the Australian-ness of environmental education research for this special issue, I decided to focus on the unique mix of the extremely old and the relatively new, the ancientness and the innovation that characterises what I know as "Australia".
Against a backdrop of ancientness, a geologic eternity of liquid evanescence, things that melt, age, putrefy, and scatter, Russell offers the image of a family that comes together.
God's ancientness is attributable not to his durability but to his pastness.
in a passive sense, "innovated, discovered," but because it also evokes God the Originator/Innovator par excellence--one of the so-called ninety-nine names (see Q 2:117; 6:101) it denotes ancientness, timelessness, and pre-eternity.
Building envelope function is to provide protection to indoor environment, but its efficiency varies, being a function of building construction work quality, construction materials, or building ancientness.
It was just that the block Kufi script and the papyrus medium suggested ancientness.
Its imposing symmetry alludes in imaginative, homegrown ways - especially in its column designs - to ennobling ancientness.