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any of various Old World herbs of the genus Anchusa having one-sided clusters of trumpet-shaped flowers

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Rosmarinic acid, a constituent of the plant, and also isolated from Anchusa azurea Mill.
A relatively higher concentration of sucrose was also reported to be favorable for rosmarinic acid production in Anchusa officinalis cell culture (De-Eknambul & Ellis 1985), the ajmalicine, serpentine, and tryptamine in Catharanthus roseus cell cultures (Merillon et al.
The variety of flowers included Acroclinium, Anchusa, Ageratum, Aster, Alyssum, Antirrhinum, Annual Chrysanthemum, Calendula, Candytuft, Corn Flower, Cineraria, Clarkia, Dianthus, Dimorphotheca, English Daisy, Gazania, Godetia, Gypsophila, Gamolepis, Helichrysum,.
Observaciones: Este especie ha sido considerada perteneciente al genero Anchusa L.
Violaceae) are common larval host plants, but Simonsen (2006 a, b) found larvae feeding on Anchusa sp.
1996) encontraron que el porcentaje de germinacion en una poblacion de Anchusa arvensis tendio a disminuir con el incremento en el tamano de las semillas.
Ajuga, the bugle, with blue flowers in spring and summer Bergenia, the winter-flowering 'pigsqueak' with elephant-ear leaves and pink blooms Brunnera or Anchusa, with small blue May flowers Euphorbia robbiae, one of the cultivated spurges, flowering yellow or green, also in May Hostas, one of the most effective shade plants with variegated and white or mauve flowers Iris foetidissima, with purple flowers in June and red seeds Lamium maculatum, one of the dead-nettles but attractive for all that.
Anchusa azurea is a pure blue relative of forget-me-not that is suited to full sun and thrives in all climates.
Dwarf hinoki false cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Verdoni'), with deep blue Anchusa capensis 'Blue Angel', sky blue forget-me-not (Myosotis sylvatica), Johnny-jump-up (Viola tricolor), Scotch moss (Sagina subulata), and tassel fern (Polystichurn setosum).
Size-dependent pollination efficiency in Anchusa offcinalis (Boraginaceae): causes and consequences.
Scabious Clive Greaves anchusa and dark blue lavenders would be set off by evening primroses and the cream pompons of cotton lavender, Santolina chaemaecyparroses Bowle's Variety.
Apart from Amsinckia, many genera in the Boraginaceae contain distylous members, for example, Anchusa, Arnebia, Cordia, Cryptantha, Echioides, Lithodora, and Lithospermum (Ganders 1979), but distyly is unknown in other Boraginaceous genera.
We planted our verbascums - one is a lovely variety called "Cotswold Queen", with yellow flowers and purple middles - to run through one bed among Anchusa "Loddon Royalist".
So when we plant our verbascums - one is a lovely variety called 'Cotswold Queen', with yellow flowers and purple middles - they will be planted to run through one bed among Anchusa 'Loddon Royalist'.