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tomato and cheese pizza with anchovies

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The color of the anchovy baked rice had a higher average than the anchovy pizza, but the latter had the highest scores in the other attributes.
The IA of the anchovy pizza was 92% and of the anchovy baked rice was 86%, both achieving excellent acceptability, as shown in Figure 1.
However, it might be interesting to employ seasonings and different cooking methods in the preparation of anchovy baked rice to achieve higher averages of taste and texture and, consequently, better acceptability, once it has a lower fat content than the anchovy pizza and is a common preparation in the dietary habits of Brazilians.
The association between the averages of purchase intent with the overall impression, either for the anchovy baked rice (p=0.000) or the anchovy pizza (p=0.000), was highly significant, indicating that the testers who attributed higher grades to overall impression would be those who certainly or probably would buy the products.
Regarding the relation of the respondents' socio-demographic characteristics with the sensory attributes, there was only an association (p [less than or equal to] 0.05) of sex with appearance, color and overall impression both for the anchovy pizza and the anchovy baked rice.
With respect to the taste, texture, and purchase intent of the preparations, there was only a significant association (p [less than or equal to] 0.05) of the anchovy pizza with females, showing that this public had higher acceptance of these attributes.
The anchovy pizza had better acceptability and better purchase intent than the anchovy baked rice, but the baked rice was lower in fats.
Quantity (%) of the ingredients used in the anchovy pizza and in the anchovy baked rice.