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tiny fishes usually canned or salted

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small herring-like plankton-eating fishes often canned whole or as paste

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Flee for your life, anchovies, for all at once an army of Adelie penguins, in unison, turn the water to a boil and fly across the open water to satiate their appetites.
CBS also posted photos on the show's website featuring some scenes from "TAR" 25 episode 4 "Thinly Sliced Anchovies.
In Oman, anchovies are caught by a trawling net, generally handled under unhygienic conditions, traditionally dried under the sun for three to five days, packed in sacks and stored at ambient temperature for a few weeks before consumption," explained Dr Esmail Al Beloushi, Assistant Professor at the SQU's Department of Food Science and Nutrition at the College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences.
Anchovies have been eaten for a long time all over the world.
Anchovies have huge mouths with overhanging snouts, resembling miniature sharks.
Collectively known as forage fish, these species --including sardines, anchovies, herrings, and shrimp-like crustaceans called krill--feed on plankton and become food themselves for larger fish, seabirds, and marine mammals.
Fishing opportunities (total allowable catches or TACs) for Bay of Biscay anchovies for the 2012-2013 season will be cut from 2011-2012 levels.
Jews also invented recipes using cod, mullet, anchovies and herring for seafood; lungs, kidneys, tripe and spleen from local stockyards for animal entrails; and artichokes (more torch-shaped and tender than the American variety), zucchini and fennel found in the Roman countryside.
The anchovies fished in Oriental Moroccan Mediterranean are very rich in unsaturated fatty acids which amount to 60 to 68% of all the fatty acids with a predominance of docosahexaenoic acid (C22:6n-3) (17.
Quick tuna Nicoise salad (serves 4) INGREDIENTS: 110g/4oz mixed salad leaves, 2 small Gem lettuces (optional), 2 tins of tuna in oil, 110g/4oz French beans, cooked until just done, 4 tomatoes, each cut into 8, 4 hard-boiled eggs, quartered, 10-12 cooked new potatoes, cut into quarters, handful black olives, small tin anchovies in oil.
Arrange neatly on 4 plates, grate the eggs and cut the anchovies in half length ways.
Crown's new PeelSeam[TM] provides consumers with more convenient access to traditional rectangular metal packaging for anchovies.