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a television reporter who coordinates a broadcast to which several correspondents contribute

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''When the court's Weibo is the only source of information about the trial, is it wrong to check my cellphone?'' anchorwoman Yang Shu of Phoenix TV wrote on her own microblog.
Anchorwoman Nabil worked with Misr 25, the Muslim Brotherhood TV network, after being barred from state TV for appearing on air wearing her veil.
I was afraid that the anchorwoman might invite some analysts who repeat themselves ad nauseam, and inflict severe damage on the minds and feelings of the viewers - and their ability to sleep.
The next shot showed an anchorwoman with a red face.
The anchorwoman, 59, who has been working in Montrose for 33 years, has finally ended weeks of speculation about her future.
Anodyne, the blonde anchorwoman Repeats the words prepared for her
The event will be hosted by CBS news anchorwoman Suzanne Marques and will celebrate 21 years of service to the community, providing emergency and transitional housing, with comprehensive Case Management, and Supportive Services, to more than 2.1 million homeless and low-income individuals and families, throughout Los Angeles County.
Our panel - bra tycoon Michelle Mone, BBC presenter anchorwoman and Sunday Mail columnist Jackie Bird, Sunday Mail and Daily Record editor-in-chief Bruce Waddell, Stephen Neary of Morrisons and feature writer Samantha Booth - were guided through the judging by chair Eric Hagman CBE, of Aon C.I.
In a second clip, a breathless anchorwoman in a French TV studio has breaking news of "the sounds of war" in Israel, when it is just Israel celebrating its independence day with fireworks displays and fly-pasts.
The ITV1 Wales anchorwoman claimed what began innocently enough as well-wishing cards eventually turned sinister with scribbled sexual fantasies about the star and veiled references to him spying on her.
December 2007: Celebrity US telly anchorwoman Ann Curry, pictured, highlighted its growing popularity as an extreme sports venue with a bungee jump that was broadcast live across
Pregnant Kate, 42, who had been favourite to take over as anchorwoman, admitted: "It was difficult when she started, but that wasn't because of me.
Summary: In a tearful and impromptu on-air announcement Tuesday night, May Chidiac, a leading Lebanese journalist and anchorwoman, informed viewers that she would be resigning from the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC).Aa"At the end, with heartache, yes, with heartache, I have decided to leave.
ON a totally unrelated theme I see that Sky Sports News anchorwoman Georgie Thompson is stepping out with Declan Donnelly of Ant 'n' Dec fame.
On the third day of the war, a citizen started a petition on a free petition-hosting website, in which she accused Channel 2's main anchorwoman, Yonit Levy, of being =93anti-Zionist=94 and expressing empathy with the ene= my.