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Synonyms for anchor

Synonyms for anchor

to make secure

Synonyms for anchor

a central cohesive source of support and stability

a television reporter who coordinates a broadcast to which several correspondents contribute

fix firmly and stably


Related Words

secure a vessel with an anchor

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Connect the transmission reinforcement bar to the upper end bracket of the anchoring end, then use a threaded sleeve to lengthen the rod according to the hole depth, and then connect the four transmission rod members and one tension reinforcement bar through the conversion sleeve.
Most experiments on the anchor rod of earth relics mainly focus on anchoring force of the anchor rod.
The channels need to either tell such anchors to rein in their anger or be set free from the job of anchoring and invited as panel participants.
But with either method of anchoring, make sure it's exactly the same with every shot.
Therefore, we predicted that thinking style would influence our participants' anchoring activities.
When anchoring in a crowded area, power-set the anchor at a 5:1 scope by backing slowly, then reduce scope as much as needed once it's firmly set.
"It's definitely a growing market," says Paquette, who's designed a light-weight and reusable anchoring system geared primarily for steel erection jobs.
Such quantitative association of gene expression with altered pathology, known as "phenotypic anchoring" (Moggs 2005; Moggs et al.
That includes anchoring in the same place every time you reach full draw.
It's a common problem because the anchoring hardware you get with a new set of towel bars is barely adequate.
While anchoring local television news is still a lucrative job in some big cities, overall, annual pay for anchors has plunged dramatically.
The design of an anchoring tool is constrained by logistics and by the loads required for effective towing.
[USPRwire, Sun Aug 18 2019] Aircraft anchoring systems are also known as aircraft tiedowns, especially in western countries.
[ClickPress, Wed Jul 31 2019] Aircraft anchoring systems are also known as aircraft tiedowns, especially in western countries.