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one retired from society for religious reasons


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Columella; or, The Distressed Anchoret is a satiric novel of sensibility, the story of Cornelius Milward, nicknamed Columella, who retires "to the solitude and inactivity of country life" in the West of England (1:8).
Dashwood's Insight: Reading Edward Ferrars and Columella; or, The Distressed Anchoret.
The manifest incompetence with which the authorities handled the 1999 earthquake drove a last nail into the coffin of the old political order, its creaking parties and superannuated pols; and at the end of it, Recep Tayyip Erdogan (the "g" separates the vowels and is not itself pronounced), the mayor who had rescued Istanbul--a city, like New York, a world unto itself anchoret off the coast of its host nation, impossible to govern--and made it gleam again, was just about the only man left standing.
No monk or anchoret could desire a more retired situation for his cell, or disappointed lover to moralize on the inconstancy of his nymph, and the vanity of the world'.