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Synonyms for anchor

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Synonyms for anchor

to make secure

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Synonyms for anchor

a central cohesive source of support and stability

a television reporter who coordinates a broadcast to which several correspondents contribute

fix firmly and stably


Related Words

secure a vessel with an anchor

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Comparison of the t-bar anchor tag and glue-on laminated label methods used to individually identify Crassostrea gigas adults over a period of 15 mo.
Anchor tags were attached to striped bass that were caught and released in Massachusetts in 1999 and 2000, and recaptured between 1999 and 2007.
Return rates for NMFS tags were similar between dorsal loop tags (760 of 10,752; 7.1%) and internal anchor tags (310 of 4441; 7.0%).
The use of Floy anchor tags was inappropriate because dogfish placoid scales wore through the plastic.
Caption: Over 15,000 channel cats have received anchor tags in the Red River in the North as part of an ambitious study to better understand long-range movement patterns.
During this time, 1050 fish were tagged with FD-94 Floy[R] T-bar Anchor tags (Floy Tag and Manufacturing, Inc., Seattle, Washington, USA).
The Mendocino County lingcod were tagged with dorsal anchor tags, like the Monterey County fish, or with 5 x 17 mm oval disk tags(2) attached to the opercular bone with fabric basting tacks.(3) Gear, depth of capture, hook location, fork length, and sex were recorded.
Most subadult fish were tagged with internal anchor tags (Floy[R], Seattle, WA; FM-84, FM-89SL, and FM-95W) and nylon dart tags (Floy[R] FT-1 and FT-2), whereas adults were primarily tagged with stainless steel dart tags containing a monofilament core (Floy[R] FH-69) or, more recently, containing a stainless steel core (Hallprint[R] SSD wire-through, Victor Harbor, Australia).