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the chain or rope that attaches an anchor to a vessel


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The man's anchor was partly fixed to the seabed so the RNLI crewcut his anchor rope.
Reliving their horrific ordeal, John said: ``We were out in the Solway Firth when the anchor rope became caught in the propeller and the boat upturned.
The answer is simple, once you understand that the anchor rope on old sailing vessels was attached to a stout oak post called a bitt.
Emil and his crew have it down pat, and that's good, because there's no room for error when you're running alongside your anchor rope.
On arrival, the inshore lifeboat Peter Downes found that the yacht's anchor rope had become wrapped around its propeller, disabling the vessel which was in danger of going aground.
Conwy's lifeboat crew managed to reach him on a sandbank and had to cut his anchor rope to free the vessel, before towing it back to Conwy on Saturday afternoon.
The Hellraiser flipped over when the anchor rope caught in the propeller in a four foot swell.
Take either a black sharpie or electrical tape and mark your anchor rope every 50 or 100 feet so you know how much line is out.
For many of our captains and mates trying to hang onto their livelihood, decisions like that made today by NMFS are an anchor rope around their throats.
SAILORS used the frayed end of an anchor rope, Hawaiians scraped away with coconut shells.
Paul pulled the boat by its anchor rope into open water and tried in vain to restart the engine.
In addition, in extreme cold ropes can freeze to the ground and to guys tied to these anchor ropes.
But just moments after the anchor ropes were released the balloon plummeted 150ft back to earth.
Anchor ropes are often the culprits for losing deepwater trout as well, when a hooked trout wraps a fishing line around the rope.