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the chain or rope that attaches an anchor to a vessel


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Ronald Young, 55, concocted a scheme whereby he hired tonnes of heavy anchor chains and then sold them off to obtain the scrap value.
'Anchor Chain motifs are applied to the dials of these two models - a detail that once again emphasizes the spirit of the Cape Cod, which is all about nuances and subtle discoveries.
It had been unable to leave the debris-strewn port because its anchor chains were twisted.
Tynemouth RNLI allweather lifeboat was launched after the cabin cruiser Blue Jasper radioed Humber Coastguard at 2.40pm yesterday reporting that his anchor chain had fouled and he was unable to lift it from the sea bed.
Vroon Offshore Services, said the men were securing an anchor chain in the bow of the vessel when the accident happened.
The men were securing an anchor chain in the bow of the vessel when the accident happened, the boat's owners, Vroon Offshore Services, said.
Worm holding "Eat at Joe's" sign; groundhog; "cat" fish chasing "mouse" fish near anchor chain; "Keep Off the Seaweed" sign; fish listening to open tin can; wrecked ship for sale; Captain Billy's Bait Shop; water skier; jellyfish is a jar of jelly; detective taking phone call; lobster wearing tennis shoes; mermaid wearing sunglasses: King Triton is wearing a swim ring; submarine going into whale's mouth; "Enterprize" misspelled; sandcastle on bottom of sea; sailor washing boat; "Deep End" sign; man on large ship calling for anchor to be lowered, but anchor is already on the bottom; fish near big ship is wearing a swim ring; whale is worried about going into the water after eating.
A bidding war was sparked when a photo of the Titanic anchor chain was spotted in a lot of four pictures of Netherton Iron Works, near Dudley, dating back to 1910.
A consultant told Mr Bonham he would lose his right leg when it began turning black and withering away after a heavy anchor chain from a vessel fell on his foot while he was serving in the Royal Navy.
In the event of a power loss, the anchor chain or line can be hauled in manually.
As he wrote, a bird can be kept from flight by a thread or an anchor chain. If we wish to come close to God, we need to break those bonds.
They tried to rescue Polish crewman Robert Ebertowski who had collapsed in the confined space of the anchor chain locker.
Sridhar Shekar, 31, was believed to be riding a jet ski for the first time when he crashed into a moored boat's anchor chain.
Scana Ramnas manufactures heavy anchor chain for the offshore sector.
HER Group equipped the system with a diesel-powered hydraulic chain winch that pulls used anchor chain into an open-ended rectangular steel container, 20 to 40 feet long.