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Synonyms for anchor

Synonyms for anchor

to make secure

Synonyms for anchor

a central cohesive source of support and stability

a television reporter who coordinates a broadcast to which several correspondents contribute

fix firmly and stably


Related Words

secure a vessel with an anchor

References in classic literature ?
There it collected numerous relics of the wreck-- iron utensils, anchors, pulley-strops, swivel-guns, an 18 lb.
I hastened to the aperture, and under the crustations of coral, covered with fungi, I recognised certain debris that the drags had not been able to tear up--iron stirrups, anchors, cannons, bullets, capstan fittings, the stem of a ship, all objects clearly proving the wreck of some vessel, and now carpeted with living flowers.
Splash went the anchor, and they all heaved over the lines, each man taking his own place at the bulwarks.
The hours struck clear in the cabin; the nosing bows slapped and scuffled with the seas; the fo'c'sle stovepipe hissed and sputtered as the spray caught it; and the boys slept on, while Disko, Long Jack, Tom Plait, and Uncle Salters, each in turn, stumped aft to look at the wheel, forward to see that the anchor held, or to veer out a little more cable against chafing, with a glance at the dim anchor-light between each round.
While at anchor at this place, much ceremonious visiting and long conferences took place between the potentate of the islands and the partners of the company.
The next morning, February 21st, at three o'clock, the furnaces began to roar; at five, the anchors were weighed, and the Resolute, powerfully driven by her screw, began to plough the water toward the mouth of the Thames.
These Anchor sets also had a cross member added to provide support.
Probably our most common depth to anchor in is 120 to 140, but we'll also go out and anchor as deep as 240 or 300, because that's where some of our wrecks are.
Calculate the amount of anchor line you need to let out.
Treat yourself to your favourite pud topped with delicious Anchor whipped cream.
When anchoring in a crowded area, power-set the anchor at a 5:1 scope by backing slowly, then reduce scope as much as needed once it's firmly set.
Their holding capacity is generated by the resistance of the wedge of seabed in front of the anchor fluke.
The anchors are inserted into a predrilled hole and the screw is driven through the anchor into the wall.
Gibson was under consideration for the anchor position before the network began its ill-fated two-anchor experiment in January.
CBRE will represent the Anchor Bar Franchise Company, LLC with its nationwide roll-out of new restaurant properties.