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First of those 23 ancestresses is Mind The Way, who no doubt reinforced Hondo Black's stamina influence, being a 39.
But very few "White" women have ancestresses that were plantation mistresses.
Sami literary and identity politics have paralleled the ecological and indigenous movements, and Hirvonen's narrative sequence reflects the Sami cultural and political developments through women's voices, which she has divided into four generational groups, using the Western categories of ancestresses, grandmothers, mothers, and daughters.
Transgender Warriors is reminiscent of some early Second Wave feminist and socialist-feminist tracts in its assertions of matriarchal ancestresses and historical and cross-cultural models for egalitarian gender systems, respectively.
In a sense, the female dancer embodies these ancestresses.
Heroines like Janie Starks of Their Eyes Were Watching God, Selina Boyce of Brown Girl, Brownstones, and Ursa Corregidora of Corredigora, according to Kubitschek, succeed in reconstructing the female griot-power of their ancestresses inherent in the movement from voicelessness to voice.