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Not only was the Mary the first yacht outside Holland but she was the ancestress of the thousands of racing yachts and dinghies sailing around Britain today.
The author's aim is to delve beneath the myths and legends that have surrounded his ancestress and to give 'an intimate portrait' as well as an assessment of Nell Gwyn's importance at court and in politics.
There are other precedents, most particularly in the founder of the Fourteenth Dynasty, whose name (Panehsy) indicates that he was a Nubian, and there are (at least) the Aswani ancestress of the Twelfth Dynasty, and the major Nubian associations of the Eleventh (Morkot, Black Pharaohs, pp.
It was the first time it had known such an event since Lord Hastings's ancestress Rhoda Delaval gave birth to a son in 1756.
For Mercy Oduyoye, Anowa represents Africa, because, "She was the epitome of a woman participating fully in what is life-sustaining and life-protecting, someone worthy of being named an ancestress" (p.
Nor is Dana clothed in sainthood, as she persuades her own ancestress to submit to Rufus's sexual demands of risk being beaten to death.
In short, unlike her ancestress, she enjoys complete social, financial, and sexual freedom.
In Graham's Letter to the World (1940), inspired by Emily Dickinson's poetry, Dudley's presence as the Ancestress, the "postponeless Creature," towered.
54, where the wife of Henry II is said to be Eleanor of Castile instead of her ancestress Eleanor of Aquitaine.
my ancestress the one woman who is named who speaks in Talmud an actual historical person they say you learned three hundred precepts from three hundred rabbis in a single day a miraculous feat they say when your sons died you forestalled the grief of your husband the great Rabbi Meir saying: if someone lend me two jewels then require them of me what should I do he said: return them then you showed him the dead boys and when your house was robbed your husband wished to curse the thieves so that they would die but you said it would be better to pray for their repentance and they say once when the formalist Rabbi Yose the Galilean met you on the road and asked directions of you you spoke to him ironically: should you not use fewer words when speaking to a woman
But the family silver nevertheless accompanied him through life (sometimes he usefully pawned it), and he also liked to hang the portrait of an eighteenth-century ancestress, Lady Mary Blair, wherever he lived.
The Appendix contains a translation of the oldest extant written text recounting the life of Lady White Blood, the mythical ancestress with which nearly all southern Thai histories begin.
129), The Great Mother Headdress pays homage to the deity Ila Nya, the ancestress and mother of all, painted white which `signifies the sacred' (p.
I have one ancestress who was the young widow of an old Revolutionary War soldier.
One highly developed aspect of cult life is an emphasis on ritual secrecy, particularly as it affects the transmission of esoteric lore focussed on the activities of a culture-heroine and ancestress known variously as Afek, Karigan, Fukunkon, Fitipkanip, or Yuwan.