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Synonyms for ancestral

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Synonyms for ancestral

of or from one's ancestors

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Synonyms for ancestral

inherited or inheritable by established rules (usually legal rules) of descent

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- agitating and deceiving several IP leaders and members with false promises to go on 'bakwit' (evacuarte) from the ancestral domain to the town centers or cities like Haran in Davao City and preventing them from going out.
She said she is not ready to move out of her ancestral land.
A certificate precondition, which stipulates that ancestral domain owners have allowed the government to proceed with the project on communal property, was granted to the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) on May 23.
The Orang Asli filed their suit on April 24 last year accusing the two companies, the federal and state governments as well as the Perak Land and Mines director and the Orang Asli Development Department director-general of infringing on their community's rights by clearing 63 hectares of their ancestral land without their prior consent.
He was buried in his ancestral graveyard in Usmani Khel.
He stressed the importance of this exhibition whose aim is to promote the ancestral know-how of these women potters and its dissemination outside Sejnane, throughout Tunisia and internationally.
America National Parks series of high-definition video essay documentaries about the stunning, scenic, and historic American locations that the National Park Service exists to protect, New Mexico Ancestral Pueblo People & Fort Union is a DVD showcasing ancient ruins and communities once inhabited by Ancestral Pueblo People in New Mexico, among a wealth of other notable locations: Aztec Ruins National Monument, Bandelier National Monument, the Fort Union National Monument (originally established on the Santa Fe Trail as a garrison and supply depot), and much more.
A number of these ancestral houses were within a stone's throw from the newly opened, three-star, Art Deco-style, 157-room One Central Hotel and Suites where we stayed in.
Among the reasons are their safety at risk by getting them caught in a crossfire when the CPP-NPA-NDF made their ancestral domain as their guerrilla base for the last 40 years, and the murder of at least a thousand IP leaders since the 1980s.
He underlined that since a large number of the UK-based overseas Kashmiri youth use to have routine visits to their ancestral places in Mirpur division, they were allegedly made furnished with the narcotics easily under, what he called, a pre-planned conspiracy.
Some 100 ethnic Banong villagers from Sre Hoy commune's Chhul and Chhong Pang villages in Mondulkiri province's Koh Nhek district protested on Tuesday after Srepok Wildlife Sanctuary officials allegedly uprooted wooden posts used to demarcate their ancestral burial sites.
In his reply when asked a question about people's sentimental attachments to ancestral lands, Mr.
The Department of Agriculture (DA) has started the transformation and development of ancestral lands into food production areas as part of the government's efforts to lift indigenous people from poverty.
True, he begins the piece already as the fully trained and active Black Panther (previously seen in Captain America: Civil War), but a trip to the "Ancestral Lands" is required before he can assume his slain father T'Chaka's place as king.