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Among the most important means to this end are attempts to incorporate traditional aspects of ancestor worship into "a national religion" and policies of preserving historical sites.
These include: the coexistence/interface between old/ancestor traditions with new/monotheistic religions; the various involvements of government in religion; the complexity and diversity within the category 'ancestor worship'; and the dynamic, living quality of links between living Indonesians and their dead, but not-dead ancestors.
Schmidt believes that commemoration of the dead should be set apart from ancestor worship. Here he seems unduly influenced by the lack of a postmortem existence in African ancestor cults (citing the works of J.
However, such an evocation of a stable transcendental order ignores the fact that in Reed's animistic framework the model for circularity is ancestor worship. Although the mythological ancestors are older than the actual context in which they happen to appear and exert influence, in their merely virtual existence they totally depend on the present for their material manifestation.
Using the insights of social anthropology to illuminate the fragmentary evidence on Koryo (918-1392) and early Choson society, she reconstructs this monumental process of change, giving special attention to ancestor worship, funerary rites, succession, inheritance, and marriage.
As the Revolution sweeps across China, Wang Kat Hing hides up three thousand years of family history against the purge of traditional ancestor worship. Betrayed by his brother, Wang barely escapes to British Hong Kong where he is befriended by American businessman Paul Graham.
The 12 papers look at such aspects as mediumship, pilgrimages, spirit cults, ancestor worship, transnational Buddhism and Christianity, and foreign religious organizations and development.
However interested he was in popular cults, sacrificial rites or ancestor worship, Adriano could not help imposing on them the preconceptions that were almost required of him.
Approximately 60 percent of the Chinese community practice Christianity and 40 percent practice Confucianism or some form of ancestor worship. The European community is predominantly Christian.
Ancestral land is considered sacred to the Vietnamese, whose culture is saturated with ancestor worship and who therefore take great care of their ancestral plots.
Cheri Samba works within such tribal concepts as witchcraft, ancestor worship, and magic.
Here we have a contradiction which expresses itself as a dialectic, a revolutionary form of ancestor worship. GBM is always forward looking and seldom seeks to preserve or replicate the past or status quo, yet at the same time, the point of departure tends to be an extension of GBM musical traditions.
Braudel believes that geography, animism, and ancestor worship are keys to understanding Black Africa.
Their topics include the Marxist doctrine and the recent development of the Chinese family, filial piety and ancestor worship in the Chinese kinship system, mainstream Chinese ideas of ultimate reality and meaning, Confucianism and Taoism, and ancient Egyptian religion and Christianity.
The economic value of sons, care for old parents, and the son's crucial role in ancestor worship still motivate the desire for a son.