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Chen Tingliang, Chen Aolin (2011) from the angle of folk culture of folk culture characteristics of Tujia Waving Dance, that contains the Tujia Waving Dance of religion as a folk cultural phenomenon and social forces, and caused great effects on the Tujia people, reflects Tujia people's way of life and production, the psychological structure and the ability of thinking, folk features of Waving Dance reflects the cultural characteristics of natural worship, reproduction worship and ancestor worship.
Taylor told Alice about the dangers of ancestor worship.
Sayers describes the history of ancestor worship in ancient India over a period of more than a thousand years, from the first millennium B.
In 1965, the Vatican officially allowed Vietnamese Catholics to conduct their ancestor worship ceremonies.
There was a lot of ancestor worship at Gallery Weekend Berlin this year.
The question of ancestor worship and the eternal fate of ancestors, a burning question in the newly opened Korean mission field, was answered by instituting Chudohoe, a Christianized Confucian service of memorial for one's ancestors.
China has a tradition dating back thousands of years of ancestor worship, which usually requires families to bury their relatives and construct a tomb.
Living with the dead; ancestor worship and mortuary ritual in ancient Egypt.
Ancestor worship exists in the form of mortuary rituals with bone repositories, village shrines that mediate relations with community ancestors in a more indirect and anonymous manner, and the worship of ancestors who have become deities.
But it is not without macabre humour too, while perhaps the note of hope in death sounds most prominently in the sections devoted to ancestor worship, where a sense of continuity between the living and the dead is evoked.
A French Jesuit, Jacques Berthieu (1838 6 1896), who was shot in Madagascar by rebels for his work in replacing ancestor worship with Christianity, is also among the figures to be canonized.
The belief system embraces not only theology, philosophy, and mythology, but ancestor worship and magic.
This is tied up with ancestor worship and harmony between man and the universe.
For many their spiritual beliefs of animism and ancestor worship are strongly entwined with cultural identity.
The Vad or Banyan tree appears to be linked with some form of ancestor worship.