anatropous ovule

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a completely inverted ovule turned back 180 degrees on its stalk

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Microdiptera (in the broadest sense) is morphologically and anatomically similar to Decodon, sharing the following characteristics: anatropous ovules, bitegmic seeds with inner lignified layers typical of the Lythraceae, a germination valve on one side of the seed, and extensive spongy tissue through which the raphe runs from near the hilum to the chalaza.
The seeds, to 3.5 mm, from anatropous ovules, have a chalaza at the broad end of the seed and hilum at the narrow end.
Gymnosperm ovules are always unitegmic and also orthotropous so that the podocarp ovule may be seen as anticipating the anatropous ovule of flowering plants, the second integument being responsible for the necessary asymmetric growth.
The ovary contains a single, basal, anatropous ovule (Goetghebeur, 1998).
The results are showed that Yanshanzaofeng' was diclinous with polycarpous compound pistils axile placentas and commonly two anatropous ovules in each loculament.
In contrast, Abolbodoideae (Abolboda, Aratitiyopea, and Orectanthe) have bifacial leaves, spherical pollen without an evident aperture, novel glands on the gynoecium, anatropous ovules, and spherical seeds (Dahlgren et al., 1985; Kral, 1998; Campbell, 2004b; Campbell & Stevenson, 2007).