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  • verb

Synonyms for anatomize

Synonyms for anatomize

to separate into parts for study

Synonyms for anatomize

dissect in order to analyze


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analyze down to the smallest detail

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Thus it falls to independent voices to broach the issue, as The Nation did in its June 3 special issue anatomizing the vast holdings of General Electric, Time Warner, Disney-Cap Cities and Westinghouse and urging their dismantling on antitrust grounds.
Metaphysical plays set the preconditions for this analysis by anatomizing individual and public minds.
Reading through this canon confirms that Fatal Curiosity, is Lillo's most powerful play, and suggests that his most notable achievement is the anatomizing of guilt.
With its galleries of grotesques, its scornful detachment, and its rather academic effect, the play introduced to the English stage a vigorous anatomizing of "the time's deformities"--the language, habits, and humors of the London scene.
Few actresses have been as formidable, or as durable, and none is better known for anatomizing mental breakdown's terror.
With the stated aim "not to succumb to a kind of recognizable belief system" as he looks "for a way in anatomizing [his] time," Hiorns has summoned signifiers of reckless potency, pleasure, and cleansing associated with masculinity--pumped up (steroids), partied-out (amyl nitrate), spent (sperm), and occupied with attempting to dispose of the traces of its actions (Dettol).
Evans portrays what he is doing as a "microstudy," which he equates with Natalie Davis's retelling of the story of Martin Guerre or Robert Darnton's anatomizing of the "great cat massacre." Microhistory, now an established and accepted technique among early modernists and medievalists, has found considerably less resonance and sympathy among historians of the "modern" world.
In anatomizing closure, Hodgdon makes a pertinent contrast between the apotheosis of absolutism in the Stuart masque and the interrogation of such representations in the history plays.