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  • verb

Synonyms for anatomize

Synonyms for anatomize

to separate into parts for study

Synonyms for anatomize

dissect in order to analyze


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analyze down to the smallest detail

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In this extraordinary passage, Wright anatomizes the lynch mentality: collective hysteria as a matter of symbolic racial representation.
Rarely does Rich allow herself such a catalogue; more often she anatomizes the near-impossibility of connection.
Examining this extended group of relatives, beginning with Charles in the late 18th century, Wyatt-Brown anatomizes history in its smallest particulars, showing how general cultural values are recapitulated in families and individuals and at what cost.
His more controversial third part anatomizes "the psychic interior of the Hawthornes' domestic sphere" and what he sees as the relationship of their "inward union" to the "marital politics" and the specters of sexual pollution conjoined with domestic intimacy in The Scarlet Letter.
Even as she anatomizes this latest American schism, Oates touches on her usual obsessions.
Yet his ramblings, which Toni secretly rewrites for publication, capture war's essential surreality, as when he notes that Baghdad is awash in Coca-Cola, "as if Coke is sponsoring the whole rally." Toni, meanwhile, anatomizes the new Croatia, shaped by "the shock troops of happiness," whose youth embrace slow food, Nick Cave, and cocaine.
Meckseper anatomizes this decidedly dated fantasy, which persists in the automotive world, with a political edge.
For all the wit and wisdom of a people conversant in Latin and Greek (if not always English), "Translations" anatomizes the ongoing impulse toward tribal warfare whose modern-day equivalents are too numerous to mention.
The core of Palmer's study, in her three central chapters, anatomizes the complicated Elizabethan policy of simultaneous effacement of linguistic difference and occlusion of Irish (chap.
It's invigorating to rediscover, as you move through the assortment of topics and medley of personalities in these pages, what a big word theatre is--how it encompasses a measureless array of styles and disciplines and human concerns, how it plumbs the recesses of history and, with equal vitality, anatomizes the ambiguous surfaces of contemporary life.
This compelling study anatomizes some of the cultural conflicts within the United States that serving soldiers took with them to the Vietnam War, which then found further expression in writings and films about that conflict.